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A new storm had already appeared.

[Didnt you say that you little sisters dont have any money Why cant I get it]

[Within a minute, the sales volume is 10,000 .

Are you sisters all average rich women]

[I got the Pink Planet Necklace!]

[I get it.

So Im the only one who really doesnt have any money.]

[I got it, hehe.]

[Did the male fans get it I just want to see a boy wear a necklace.]

The male fans were silent.


The sales of Shi Xis endorsement jewelry were too good.

After the Advertising Department and Sales Department of Shengshi Jewelry saw this data, they discussed to find Shi Xi to endorse other series.

Sheng Yan did not expect that Shi Xis carrying capacity was so strong.

The sales of Shi Xis jewelry on this day were even higher than the sales of other similar new products in a quarter.

She could become a live streamer now.

“Do you want to endorse another series of jewelry” Sheng Yan called Shi Xi to ask.

“Dont ask me.

Ask Brother Han,” Shi Xi said softly.

“I heard Brother Han getting angry just now.

I think he said that the endorsement fee was too low.”

Sheng Yan: “…”

The current Shi Xi was no longer the same Shi Xi from before.

Shi Xi (increased price version): “Ask Brother Han.

If you can accept the price he offered, there wont be a problem.”

Sheng Yan: “Ill get someone to contact him.”

If the price was right, he wouldnt mind working together for a long time.

And Shi Xis endorsement results this time made the haters even more incompetent and furious.

Anti-fans (incompetent version): [Shi Xi doesnt have any scenes.

Shi Xi is just a marketing person.

Other than being good-looking, Shi Xi cant do anything else!]

Fan (perfunctory version): [Yes, yes, yes, youre right.]

The black fan was so angry that he smashed his phone.


Since she didnt need to join the production team anymore, Shi Xi went to the hair salon and dyed her hair.

Thinking of how frequently dyeing her hair would cause harm to her hair…

Thus, Shi Xi chose to dye her hair.

She only dyed a few strands of hair.

“Okay, just dye these strands of hair blue, right” Tony confirmed for the last time.

Shi Xi: “…Yes.”

On the other side, Tao Yuxuan said, “Ill just do some normal care.”

Shi Xis head was held down by Tony, so she could only look at Tao Yuxuan in the mirror and said, “Arent you going to dye your hair Change your hairstyle and change your mood.”

Tao Yuxuan sighed.

“Im not in the mood to change it again.”

“Whats going on Why have you been so depressed recently” Shi Xi thought to herself,If theres anything that youre not happy about, just say it to make yourself happy!

Tao Yuxuan said, “My father brought his son home.”

Shi Xi: “”

Did that mean that he was an illegitimate child

Tao Yuxuan snorted and said, “That little wolf cub is only seven years old, and he already knows how to bite people!”

“He bit you” Shi Xi asked.

“Yeah, he was slapped back by me.” Tao Yuxuan was not the kind of person who would suffer a loss.

Shi Xi was silent.

It was difficult for an honest official to settle family affairs.

Tao Yuxuans family affairs were indeed complicated.

Shi Xi had heard from Mother Shi that Father Tao was a romantic and amorous person.

After marriage, he was not honest either.

The red flags at home did not fall, and the colorful flags outside fluttered.

Mother Tao had only given birth to one daughter, which was Tao Yuxuan.

After giving birth to Tao Yuxuan, Mother Taos health was not good, and she could not have any more children.

And Father Tao needed a son to inherit the throne, so he found a woman outside to give birth to his son.

“Its okay, that child is still young.” Shi Xi advised, “You and Auntie should be more attentive, just hold tight to the shares of the company.”

“My father is really flexible! He thought of every possible way to leave the company to his son.” Tao Yuxuan was angry just thinking about it.

“Xi Xi, why dont we take that little wolf cub…”

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