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Shi Xi made a, “Yay” sound and said, “Sister, my cloakroom is full.

Ill put those clothes in your cloakroom first.

Ill go in and get them in the future, okay”

Ning Yu didnt even raise her head.

“Ill give the cloakroom to you too.”

Shi Xis goal was achieved, and she smiled even more proudly.

After eating, Ning Yu was going to give Mu Zhao face cream.

Thinking about how Mother Shi had been worrying about wrinkles recently, Ning Yu took a bottle and gave it to Mother Shi.

Mother Shi had just accepted it when it was snatched away by Shi Xi.

“What is this” Shi Xi looked at it a few times and said in disdain, “Sister, youre using this kind of unverified product Arent you afraid of your face being ruined”


As she said this, Shi Xi threw the face cream into the trash can and said, “Mom, you cant put this kind of thing on your face!”


Ning Yu woke up in a daze.

She seemed to have had a bad dream.


But Ning Yu couldnt remember what she had dreamed.

Forget it, it wasnt a good dream anyway.

Ning Yu got up to eat.

Her mother poured her a cup of hot milk tea and said with a smile, “I used the cream you gave me last night, and I feel that there are fewer wrinkles at the corners of my eyes!”

“The cream only has a soothing effect and cannot eliminate wrinkles,” Ning Yu said.

Mother Shi: “…”

Father Shi drank the tea and said, “People will have wrinkles when they are old.

Why do you care so much”

Mother Shi: “…”

“By the way, where is Xi Xi” Mother Shi asked.

“She hasnt woken up yet.

You dont have to wake her up.

Just leave some food for her.” Shi Xu knew Shi Xi very well.

Mother Shi looked at Ning Yu.

“Ning Yu, what do you want to eat for lunch”

Ning Yu said, “Im not coming back today, so theres no need to cook for me.”

Hearing that, Shi Xu looked at Ning Yu.

He really wanted to lecture this sister of his, but when he thought of Ning Yus personality, which would not listen, he suppressed it.

After eating breakfast quietly, those who went to work went out.

When Shi Xi got up and faced an empty house, all she could say wasstrive hard.

After eating breakfast slowly, Shi Xi arrived at the dance studio.

The finals were just around the corner, and she was about to start practicing her dance moves forShadow.

It was still the dance teacher from before.

When he saw Shi Xi, the dance teacher became much more polite to her and asked, “How is Pei Jie doing on the program team”

Shi Xi replied, “Pretty good.” He had been ranked in the top three last time, and was so popular that it made people jealous.

The dance teacher asked, “Can he debut”

Shi Xi wanted to say that Pei Jies popularity was so high that he would definitely debut!

But then she thought about it again.

She had been acting for a month, yet she had been replaced by someone else.

“Im not sure,” Shi Xi said.

“Well have to see in the finals.”

There were a lot of lottery winners in the talent show.

In the past few days that Shi Xi had been in Feng City, not only did she learn how to dance, but she also took the opportunity to shoot a promotional advertisement for Shengshi Jewelry.

However, when she was not filming, the anti-fans could not help but stomp their feet.

[Is Shi Xi in trouble Theres no new variety show, and shes not in a group.]

[Shes already in trouble.

A vase like Shi Xi wont be able to handle the traffic after she becomes popular.]

[Shi Xi The only reason shes popular is because of the programs bonus.

In a male teams talent show, theres only one girl.

How can she not be popular Putting her in a female teams talent show, shes simply a beauty that no one cares about.]

[Thank you for saying that Shi Xi is very popular.

Right now, Xi Xi Zi still has an online drama thats waiting to be broadcast, and a popular variety show.]

[If youre envious of Xi Xi Zis popularity, just say it.

This is a popularity that you wont be able to get even if you work hard for ten years!]

Just as they were pushing and pulling on the internet, the advertisement of Shi Xi endorsing Shengshi Jewelry was sent out.

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