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Shi Xi would not reject cute pajamas.

She happily took a bath and changed into the green dinosaur pajamas she bought during the day.

Ning Yu took a bath and looked at the rabbit pajamas on the bed.

She did a mental workout for half an hour before she put them on.

When she went downstairs, Ning Yu saw Shi Xu when she sat on the sofa.

He was wearing the giant panda pajamas.

She instantly regained her balance.

So what if she was wearing rabbit pajamas

Shi Xu had already become the CEO of the Shi Corporation.

Didnt he still have to obediently wear giant panda pajamas

Ning Yu looked at the dinosaur knitting a scarf on the sofa and wondered why.

When Shi Xu saw Ning Yu, he thought of something and asked, “Do you like white”

Ning Yu looked at her rabbit pajamas.

Pure white.

“Its alright.” Ning Yus answer was vague.

“Its good that you like it.” Shi Xu turned his head and asked Shi XI, “Xi Xi, is your scarf done”

“Yes, yes, its done.” Shi Xi said, “Dont be in a hurry! Ill definitely finish it before I leave!”

“Im not in a hurry.” Shi Xu smiled gently and innocently, like a pure panda.

“But I like black.

Give this white scarf to Ning Yu and knit another black one for me, okay”

Ning Yu: “”

Shi Xis scarf, for her

Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi looked at Shi Xu and said, “Alright, Ill give the next one to you.”

Shi Xu smiled warmly and took a sip of tea.

“Its alright.

Its still early before winter, so Im not in a hurry.”

Ning Yu sat on the single-seater sofa and could see that Shi Xi had already finished more than half of her scarf.

She finally understood why Shi Xu wanted to give it to her.

This was Shi Xis first time knitting a scarf.

The stitching at the front was a mess.

The stitching at the back should have been more experienced and tidied up a lot.

Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi.

Shi Xu smiled like an old fox and said with peace of mind, “Ning Yu, do you want to eat some fruit”

Shi Xi said, “I want to eat grapes.”

Ning Yu: “I want to eat peeled grapes.”

Shi Xu: “!!”

When Shi Xi heard that, she said incoherently, “Youd better pick out the grape seeds as well.”


Shi Xu: …What kind of fate do I have in this life!



After eating the grapes, Shi Xi went back sleepy and prepared to sleep.

When she pushed open the bedroom door and entered, Ning Yu stopped her and said, “This is a face cream that I made myself.

You can try it.”

Shi Xi took the face cream and her eyes lit up.

“Thank you!”

The female lead sister was a godly doctor!

The face cream that she made was definitely not an ordinary product!

When she returned to her room, Shi Xi looked at the face cream over and over again.

There was only a label on it that wrote the wordsface cream and its expiry date.

Shi Xi happily applied the face cream and fell asleep, waiting for herself to become even more beautiful the next day.



[Ning Yu and the Shi family were incompatible.

She was born in a poor family.

She had always relied on her own hard work to earn everything she had.

Ning Yu did not pay attention to her appearance.

As long as she wore simple and comfortable clothes, it would be fine.

As for the clothes that her mother bought for her, she did not like it and was not used to it.

“Mom, you bought so many clothes for Sister, but she never wore them!” Shi Xi said coquettishly, “Just give me those clothes! And Sisters cloakroom, its even bigger than mine!”

Mother Shi said, “Didnt I buy you clothes Are you still thinking about Ning Yus”

Shi Xi continued to act coquettishly.

“But I think the clothes that Mom bought for Sister are all very nice.

Anyway, Sister doesnt wear them, so why dont you give them to me!”

Ning Yu went downstairs to eat and heard all these words.

Looking at the troubled Mother Shi, Ning Yu said to Shi Xi indifferently, “If you like them, Ill give them all to you.”

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