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Sheng Yan held the car keys and said as he walked, “I warned you before to keep a distance from Xie Yunzhou.

Why are you still so close to him”

“I just came out for a meal.” Shi Xi blinked.

“He helped me a lot.”

“I helped you so much.

Why didnt you treat me to a meal” Sheng Yan gave Shi Xi a sidelong glance.

Shi Xi: “He was the one who invited me.”

Sheng Yan: “…”

After getting into the car, Sheng Yan asked, “I heard that your role was changed”

Shi Xi was already calm.

“Thats right.”

Since she had already changed, what else could she say.

Sheng Yan: “Then why didnt you go back to school and study hard”

Shi Xi: “!”

Why didnt you play by the rules!

Where was the part where he consoled her!

Shi Xi was immediately dumbfounded by the question.

Sheng Yan glanced at Shi Xi and said, “What happened Did you get expelled from school”

“You were the one who got expelled!” Shi Xi leaned back in her chair and said, “I did ask for leave from school! I didnt go back to school because I still have to go to Yanjing to record the program next week.”

“You still have to go to Yanjing” Sheng Yan thought of something and said, “Then remember to find some time to shoot the promotional video for Shengshi Jewelry.”

“You really want me to endorse it” Shi Xi was surprised.

Sheng Yan said, “The promotional side said that they want you to be the spokesperson for the series.”

Shi Xi thought of her schedule and said, “Ill go back and ask Brother Han.

Ill shoot it as soon as possible.”

Anyway, she had almost no job at the moment.

After Sheng Yan sent Shi Xi home, Shi Xi thanked him obediently.

“Do you want to come in and have a cup of tea” Shi Xi asked.

Sheng Yan replied, “No, Im afraid Auntie will let me marry you.”

“…” Shi Xi closed the car door and was about to go around the car to enter the house when she saw Ning Yu slowly appear.

Shi Xi: “!”

Why was Ning Yu back!

Shi Xi widened her eyes and looked at Sheng Yan again.

Could there be a plot point here

Sheng Yan had not closed the car window yet.

When he saw Shi Xi looking at him, he asked, “Why Do you still have something to say”

Shi Xi replied, “No.”

“Im leaving.” Sheng Yan closed the window and drove off.

Something was not right.

It shouldnt be.

Shi Xi watched Sheng Yans car drive off into the distance.

She thought to herself, shouldnt something have happened between the two main characters

“If you like him, why did you break off the engagement in the first place”

Ning Yus voice suddenly rang out.

“Ah” Shi Xi came back to her senses and hurriedly waved her hand.

“No, no, no.

I dont like Sheng Yan!”

“I was just asking casually.

Why are you in such a hurry to refute” Ning Yus usually cold eyes were filled with a hint of a smile.

“Are you feeling guilty”

Shi Xi: “I really dont like him, thats why I broke off the engagement.”

‘Moreover, the guilty conscience is because of you!

‘You guys are the official couple!

Ning Yu could not figure out these peoples love affairs, so she did not probe further.

When she entered the door, Mother Shi saw that her two daughters had returned.

She said happily, “Ning Yu is back as well.

Have you eaten”

Ning Yu stopped in her tracks.

“Ive already eaten.”

Sometimes, when Shi Xi tried to mediate between them, Ning Yu and Mother Shis relationship eased up a lot even though they still did not look like mother and daughter.

“Then go take a shower and change into the new pajamas that I bought for you.” Mother Shi smiled and urged, “Xi Xi, go too.”

The whole family had to be neat and tidy.

Ning Yu asked in puzzlement, “New pajamas”

Shi Xi gave her a determined look.

“I left them in your cloakroom.”

Ning Yu was silent.

She knew that after she came back, Mother Shi wanted to make it up to her and bought a lot of clothes.

Ning Yu also thought about going to wear the clothes that Mother Shi bought for her.

But when she entered the cloakroom, she really couldnt find any clothes that she liked.

Shi Xis style was sweet, but hers wasnt!

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