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Xie Yunzhou entered the private room and saw Sheng Yan who had followed him in.

He laughed in anger.

“I dont think I invited President Sheng, right”

Sheng Yan sat down naturally and said with a smile, “This meal is on me.”

Shi Xi was sandwiched between the two of them and the corner of her mouth twitched.

How could this be

Xie Yunzhou saw that Sheng Yan refused to leave and his mood was reduced.

For a moment, the private room fell into an awkward silence.

Shi Xi wanted to say something to break the awkward silence.

However, she was afraid that she would say the wrong thing and cause a fight between the two of them.

Forget it, lets wait for the meal quietly.

The dishes were served very quickly.

Shi Xi looked at the dim light beef in front of her and felt that it was bland and tasteless.

She had thought of all kinds of ways to eat the steamed and salted crabs last night that she was almost drooling.

Shi Xi took a bite of the bland shadow beef.

Oh, it was even more delicious than before!

As expected of Qingshui Restaurant!

It had been improving all the time and had never been surpassed!

Shi Xi quickly recovered and lowered her head to eat.

Sheng Yan and Xie Yunzhou were not in the mood to eat.

They looked at each other and guessed what the other was thinking.

He couldnt be in love with Shi Xi, right

This thought appeared in their minds at the same time.

They immediately denied it.

Xie Yunzhou thought that Sheng Yan definitely did not like Shi Xi.

Otherwise, why would he cancel the engagement party Wouldnt it be best to get married conveniently

Thinking of this, Xie Yunzhou was a little jealous.

If he had Sheng Yans advantage as a first move, he would have married Shi Xi long ago.

(minimum age for women to get married: 20 years old)

Sheng Yan had suspected that Xie Yunzhou had ill intentions toward Shi Xi, but when he looked at Shi Xi, he did not quite want to believe it.

What did Xie Yunzhou like about Shi Xi


Besides being beautiful, what other advantages did Shi Xi have


If it was not Shi Xi… Could it be that he was interested in the Shi familys assets and wanted to annex the Shi family

Sheng Yan had heard that Xie Yunzhou had recently cooperated with the Shi family.

The two of them had deep thoughts.

They were both people who would take a step at a time, trying to figure out each others thoughts.

As for Shi Xi, she would follow wherever she went.

It wasnt that she didnt have a plan, but that her plan couldnt keep up with the changes.

According to Shi Xis plan, she should be filming on the set right now.


Life was unpredictable.

Xie Yunzhou and Sheng Yan maintained their peace on the surface and even exchanged a few pleasantries.

“I was supposed to pay the bill, but I didnt expect President Xie to pay,” said Sheng Yan.

Xie Yunzhou: “I booked the private room and have already paid the bill in advance.”

Sheng Yan: “Ill treat you next time.”

Shi Xi recalled such an awkward dinner.

It seemed to have happened once before, so she asked, “Who invited you last time”

Sheng Yan was silent.

He was just exchanging pleasantries.

He didnt expect there to be a next time.

Xie Yunzhou walked to Shi Xis side and lowered his head.

“Ill send you home.”

Sheng Yan chuckled.

“I have something to tell Miss Xi, so Ill send her home.”

Xie Yunzhou looked up at him and said unhappily, “What do you have to say that you cant say just now”

Must he say it now

Sheng Yan said, “I suddenly remembered.”

Xie Yunzhou stood where he was and said, “Then talk about it now.

After that, Ill send Shi Xi home.”

Sheng Yan looked at Shi Xi and asked with a smile, “Girl Xi, who do you want to send you home”

Shi Xi only wanted to have a car of her own now, so that she could generously say that she would go home herself.

Girls should learn to drive!

They should have their own cars!

“Send her back.” Xie Yunzhou did not want to see Shi Xi in a difficult position.

He took a step back and said, “Ill go back first.”

Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

She really did not want to make Xie Yunzhou angry.

After watching Xie Yunzhou leave, Shi Xi asked Sheng Yan, “What do you want to tell me”

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