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Seeing Mother Shi happily buy a series of pink and green clothes, Shi Xi could already imagine Ning Yus expression.

She walked to the cloakroom expressionlessly.

She came out expressionlessly and looked for her own clothes to wear.

Shi Xi sighed.

She had already tried her best to help buy some simple styles of clothes.

“Oh right, there are also some pajamas for autumn and winter.

I also need to buy a few sets.” Mother Shi saw the pajamas shop next door and grabbed Shi Xi to go in.

Shi Xi immediately saw the rabbit pajamas in the shop.

She thought to herself that she did not mind the rabbit pajamas and hoped that Mother Shi would not buy them for Ning Yu.

Mother Shi pointed at a set of giant panda pajamas and asked, “Xi Xi, do you think this looks good”

“Whos wearing it” Shi Xi asked cautiously.

“Shi Xu!” Mother Shi said, “He loves giant pandas the most!”

Was that so

Shi Xi wasnt too sure.

However, if Shi Xu liked it…

“Then, buy this set.” Shi Xi nodded.

Mother Shi added four sets of pajamas for everyone in the house, two each for autumn and winter.

Shi Xi looked at Mother Shis preferences and thought to herself,This is a world of difference from Ning Yus preferences.

Were they really mother and daughter

Shi Xi quietly asked the system,Dear System, are Mother Shi and Ning Yu really mother and daughter

System: [Of course theyre mother and daughter!]

She really couldnt tell.

There wasnt even a similarity in their looks.

Shi Xi looked at Mother Shis happy face and then thought about Ning Yus cold and indifferent face.

Similarity: 0

Forget it, she didnt look like Mother Ning either.

Ning Yus parents looked ordinary, but they gave birth to her like flowers and jade.

Thinking of this, Shi Xi sighed with emotion at the wonder of the creator.

Finally, when Mother Shi was tired from shopping, the two of them prepared to return home.

“Mom, you should go back.

Im having dinner with my friends tonight.” Shi Xi had an appointment with Xie Yunzhou that night.

“Who are you having dinner with” Mother Shi asked casually.

Shi Xi paused for a moment before lying through her teeth.

“Tao Yuxuan!”

If she were to say that she was having dinner with a man, she would probably think that she was in love with him because she was young.

Hearing that it was Tao Yuxuan, Mother Shi let her go and said, “You should comfort that child properly.

Sigh, shes also a pitiful person.”

Shi Xi: “Huh”

However, Mother Shi had already boarded the car and closed the door halfway through her sentence.

Shi Xi was at a loss.

How was Tao Yuxuan pitiful

Could it be that she had gone out to look for trouble and got slapped in the face again

She had not heard of it!

Shi Xi looked at the chat logs with Tao Yuxuan.

The two of them had not chatted recently.

In the past, Tao Yuxuan had shared all sorts of things with her every day, but it had disappeared in the past few days.

Could it be that something had really happened

Although she, Tao Yuxuan, was a reckless cannon fodder, she had to admit that Tao Yuxuan was very good to her.

She was a very good friend.

She just did not have much brains.

Shi Xi was fiddling with her phone.

She was worried, so she sent a message over.

[Im back in Feng City.

Are you free tomorrow Do you want to have dinner together]

After a while, Tao Yuxuan replied, [Sorry, I havent been free recently.

Lets wait for next week.]

Shi Xi: [Alright.]

Playing with her phone, Shi Xi guessed that Tao Yuxuan must have met with something.

‘Should I ask Leng Qiankun

Shi Xi clicked on the chat box with Leng Qiankun and gave up.

‘Forget it, lets go home and ask Mother Shi or Brother.

In any case, Ning Yu was not in Feng City recently.

She could do whatever she wanted!

She did not have to be wary of the female lead!

Putting away her phone, Shi Xis smile spread across her face as she prepared to enjoy the beautiful time that belonged to her.

She was going to eat an all-crab feast!


Shi Xi sent a message to Xie Yunzhou, saying that she would wait at Qingshui Restaurant first.

Just as she stepped into Qingshui Restaurant, Shi Xi saw Sheng Yan.

Oh, f*ck, what a coincidence.

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