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Nan Wan looked at the time and frowned.

Why hadnt the clothes been delivered yet

She hadnt been invited to todays party.

However, Nan Wan had friends who worked at KL and knew that KL wanted to lend Shi Xi the gown, so she specially went to find someone to ask for an invitation letter and snatched the gown that they were going to lend to Shi Xi.

The Nan family was rather famous in Yanjing.

Most importantly, the Nan family was on good terms with the Hua family.

The other brands would more or less give in to Nan Wan on account of the Hua family.

The people from the brand rushed to deliver the gown to Nan Wan.

Nan Wan changed into the gown and chuckled.

“Not bad.”

The people from the brand praised her.

“Miss Nan has a good figure.

Its most suitable to wear our new autumn style!”

Everyone liked to be praised.

Nan Wan thought of something and asked again, “Oh right, this dress was given to me, what was Shi Xi wearing at that time”

The person from the brand carefully said, “When we went, we gave Miss Shi a classic gown from a few years ago.”

“Heh, letting her wear a vintage gown is really letting her off easy.” Nan Wan snorted lightly as she thought of something.

She smiled and said, “Im really looking forward to seeing her wearing an outdated gown and not being able to find her seat when she arrives at the venue.

Just thinking about it makes me laugh!”

Not only did she snatch Shi Xis gown, but she also contacted the organizers and removed Shi Xis seat.

Therefore, Shi Xi would be unable to enter the venue after walking down the red carpet.

She could only scram back dejectedly.

Nan Wan had a smile on her lips.

This was Yanjing, her territory.

Shi Xi was just a fake daughter from another city.

Who would help her

The person from the brand displayed the diamond necklace and said, “This is a matching diamond necklace.”

Nan Wan took a look and said in disdain, “This diamond is too stingy.

Take it back.

I will match it with my own jewelry.”

Hearing that, the people from the brand left silently.

Rich people were all pigs!

The Nan family was in the business of jewelry, so Nan Wan naturally would not be stingy with her decorations.

She had previously been filming overseas and had left the domestic entertainment circle for a long time.

This time, she walked on the red carpet with the intention of winning the competition.

She drew on red lipstick with a long eyeliner.

Nan Wan put on a diamond necklace the size of a pigeon egg and appeared gorgeous.


On the other side, Shi Xi had changed her clothes and was ready to set off after re-dressing.

Han Chuans cell phone rang.

He looked at the caller and his expression became even worse.

Shi Xi waited for him to finish the call and asked, “Whats wrong”

“The organizers removed your seat,” Han Chuan said in a muffled voice.

“A good friend of mine in the industry secretly told me.

They originally planned to let you go just like that.

After walking the red carpet, you wont be able to enter the venue and wont have a seat.”

Shi Xis eyes were filled with a smile.

“Oh, this method is much better.

You appear in front of the camera in a bright and beautiful manner.

In the end, youre told that you cant enter the venue, so you can only leave dejectedly.”

“The relationships in Yanjing are complicated.

Weve been mingling in Feng City and Haicheng for a long time.

Our relationship with the people here is average.” Han Chuan exhaled.

“Its just a small party.

We wont be going.

It just so happens that we can save these clothes for you to wear next time.”

“Relationship” Shi Xi raised her long eyelashes slightly.

There was a hint of coldness in her sweet smile.

“I have a few friends in Yanjing.

If I want to go to a party, it shouldnt be a problem.”

Han Chuan thought of something and looked at Shi Xi.

“You mean…”

The girls smile was beautiful.

Her eyes were as bright as the spring sun.

“Im not a little white rabbit that can be bullied.”


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