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The host: “Congratulations to Miss Ning Yu for obtaining the final victory!”

Nan Yis face was pale as she argued, “Impossible!”

The host looked displeased.

“Miss Nan, the answer was posted earlier.

Theres no possibility of cheating.”

“As the second place winner, you will also receive the exquisite gift provided by Shengshi Jewelry.”

The staff next to her presented a rabbit doll, which was very cute.

However, Nan Yi only felt that it was extremely eye-piercing.

Ning Yu got a diamond hair clip, but she got a rabbit doll

Nan Yi waved her hand and knocked away the rabbit doll, saying stubbornly, “How can this Starlight Sapphire be produced in Madagascar You must be mistaken!”

The rabbit doll fell at Sheng Yans feet.

Sheng Yan pursed his thin lips, bent down to pick up the rabbit doll, and patted the dust on it.

“Miss Nan.” Sheng Yans voice was indifferent, with a sense of majesty.

“Its true that many high-quality sapphires are produced in Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka is not the only place where sapphires are produced.”

“The Nan family is in the jewelry business.

They should know that a new gemstone mine has been discovered in Madagascar, and the gemstones produced are large and high-quality.”

Sheng Yan was tall and straight.

He had straight eyebrows and starry eyes.

When he appeared, he had a male protagonist filter on him.

Even though he was holding a rabbit doll in his hand, it could not hide his domineering aura at all.

The people next to him chimed in, “I heard that the gemstone mine in Madagascar even produced pink gemstones.

I wonder if its true!”

“I like to collect colorful gemstones.

If there really are pure colorful gemstones, President Sheng, remember to keep them for me!”

“Why should he keep them for you I want them too!”

“The one with the highest price will get them.

President Sheng, you cant sell them secretly!”

Sheng Yan smiled slightly and nodded.

“The colorful gemstones extracted from the mining area this time will definitely be put together as soon as possible and brought to everyone.”

Only then was everyone satisfied.

“As expected of Shengshi Jewelry.

They will definitely be able to stay in Yanjing for a long time.”

Nan Yi listened to the discussions of the people below the stage and felt a chill in her heart.

What was she doing

The Nan family was in the jewelry business.

Was she trying to raise the popularity of the other party for free

Moreover, she had also exposed her ignorance and stupidity.

“I…” Nan Yi wanted to explain.

She was the one who was wrong.

It was not that the Nan familys appraisal skills were bad.

But no one listened anymore.

The host picked up the microphone and said, “Let me show everyone again.

The prize for our champion is a butterfly diamond hair clip worth 200,000 yuan!”

“This hair clip isnot only exquisite, but it is also out of print.

It has an extremely high collection value.”

“Miss Ning Yu, you have to take good care of it.”

The staff showed the butterfly diamond hair clip to everyone again and handed it to Ning Yu.

Ning Yus expression did not change.

She closed the box with a bang and wanted to put it in her pocket.

She couldnt put it in.

Forget it.

Ning Yu gave up on the idea of putting the thing in her pocket.

She swept her eyes over it and walked over to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi was eating a small cake when she saw Ning Yu walking over.

She smiled and said, “Congratulations!”

Not only did she slap Nan Yi in the face, but she also received a prize.

Ning Yu threw the box to Shi Xi carelessly and said, “Its for you.”

Shi Xi caught the box with one hand and asked, “Oh You dont like it”

Who wouldnt like bling bling, a diamond in the shape of a butterfly!

Answer: Ning Yu.

Ning Yu tilted her head to look at her.

“Didnt you say you wanted it”

Shi Xi: “Ah”

Ning Yu pointed at the stage and said, “When I was on stage, you told me you wanted it.”

Shi Xi felt that her memory had gone awry.

She didnt say that she wanted it!

Even though she really wanted it.

“Wait, what I said to you was — go for it!” Shi Xi remembered.


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