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The fan club group instantly became a group of anti-fans.

Ji Yin couldnt be bothered to care anymore.

Quan Gaoyis assistant communicated with Ji Yin, telling her to stabilize her fans, quickly counter the anti-fans, and purify the articles.

Ji Yin directly blacklisted him.

A person who had been a fan for five years was unexpectedly trash.

Just thinking about it made her feel disgusted!

Ji Yin immediately broke off her fan status and did not forget to beat Quan Gaoyi to death before she left.

@Love Only Quan Gaoyi In This Life: [We already knew about the secret marriage three years ago, but because we liked him and didnt want to affect his acting career, we didnt publicize it.]

[Probably because he had a daughter last year, almost everyone in the sister group knew that Quan Gaoyi went to the hospital to accompany the delivery.

We even gave him a golden lock at that time.]

[When we saw him f*cking use a single-person image, we thought that he wanted to mingle in the circle.

We didnt expect that he wanted to get a divorce and find another one.]

[Such a scumbag man is really disgusting.

Dont get close to Quan Gaoyi.

Youll become unlucky.]

Ji Yin posted her evidence and saw that she had posted more than 10,000 Weibo posts about Quan Gaoyi.

She only felt extremely disgusted when they were all related to Quan Gaoyi.

Immediately, someone replied:

[I didnt expect Quan Gaoyi to be such a person.]

[I knew he would hide his marriage.

I didnt expect him to want a divorce just because his wife gave birth to a daughter.]

PLease reading on Mybo x no v el.


[I heard that Sister-in-law gave birth to a daughter and suffered a huge loss, so she cant give birth anymore.]

[You are also Yiyis true fan.

Why did you step on him when you werent a fan Passersby can not believe him, but this stab of yours is too heartbreaking.]

Ji Yin saw that there were still some people who were lacking brains.

The remaining fans defended Quan Gaoyi and even sent her a private message to scold her, asking her to delete her Weibo to apologize.

Ji Yin simply changed her Weibo ID to [Scumbag Biss] and then cut off her alternate account.

Her alternate account was the Weibo account that she didnt use to chase after Quan Gaoyi.

Looking at the refreshing page, Ji Yin felt relaxed.

After scrolling through Weibo, Quan Gaoyi was still trending and the topic was becoming more and more heated.

Ji Yin was frustrated.

Five years of love, all fed to the dogs!

At this time, Quan Gaoyis company was also very flustered, and the public relations department was doing their best to remove the trending topic.

If they wanted to divert the publics attention, they had to use more attractive topics.

The #Quan Gaoyis Divorce# trending topic gradually dropped, while another trending topic steadily rose.

Ten minutes later.

#Shi Xi Mermaid Is the Best# trending topic out of nowhere, while Quan Gaoyis negative topics were all gone.

[Holy sh*t, who is this Shes so beautiful!]

[Three minutes, I want all the information on this woman.]

Very soon, someone came to explain.

[Isnt this Shi Xi The one who booked a room with the director.]

Ji Yin was still in a fit of anger.

When she saw this sentence, her eyes narrowed slightly as she glanced at Shi Xis Weibo.

Most of Shi Xis Weibo posts were from the original owner, and they exuded a rich second-generation aura.

Ji Yin immediately went on stage.

She started to speak up for Shi Xi.

[You should donate your eyes to the people who need them.

Shi Xi and the director are both in the same production team.

Isnt it normal for them to stay in the same hotel When you get a photo of them entering the same room, come back again.]

[What does the photo in the hotel lobby mean Besides, Shi Xi is so beautiful.

Isnt she better than some people who can act]

[This is hilarious.

This face is more than enough to act as a supporting actress, isnt it]

With Ji Yin as the core, Shi Xis rational fans quickly took shape, and the fan club was slowly formed.

After Ji Yin saw that Shi Xi only had 24,000 fans, she found a data expert she knew and wanted to help Shi Xi buy some Weibo fans.

“Buy 100,000.

It will increase slowly.”


After all, she was an artist.

She should have at least 500,000 followers, right

Data expert: “OK.”


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