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Coming down from upstairs, Shi Xi felt that she could not go against Ning Yu.

According to the plot of the original novel, there would be a family recognition banquet after that.

Ning Yu would be in the limelight at the banquet, while Shi Xi would become the laughingstock of Feng City.

Shi Xi did not want to die, nor did she want to become the laughingstock.

Sitting on the sofa, Father Shi walked over again.

“Xiao Xi, this is my share transfer certificate.

Hurry up and sign it.

From now on, my shares will all be yours.”

Shi Xi did not dare to move.

Was this a share transfer certificate

This was a death warrant!

After signing it, she would be thrown straight into the river to feed the fish!

A thought flashed through Shi Xis mind.

“Father, I want to go to Long Quan Village!”

Long Quan Village was the village where the female protagonist lived.

It was backward and underdeveloped.

Shi Xis biological parents were still in Long Quan Village.

Father Shi disagreed.

“Youre our Shi Familys little princess.

Why are you going to that shabby place”

Shi Xi said, “Ning Yu is your biological daughter.

Now that shes back home, I should go and visit my biological parents.”

While she was at it, she wanted to hide from the aura of the heroine.

Father Shi lamented, “Little Xi has grown up.

You are becoming more and more sensible.”

Shi Xi had a heart attack: an insensible daughter would be thrown into the river to feed the fish.

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Although Father Shi was reluctant to let his daughter suffer, he was very pleased that Shi Xi was so sensible, so he asked Uncle Wang to send Shi Xi to Long Quan Village.

Uncle Wang was the one who picked up Ning Yu, so he just happened to know the way.

Shi Xi simply packed up her things and said that she was going to live in Long Quan Village for two days.

In fact, Shi Xi thought that it was best to live until the university started, and she would live in the university directly — to stay away from the heroine.

The car drove to the suburbs, gradually leaving the city.

Shi Xis mood gradually brightened.

She had a car accident in the original world, so she should have been dead already.

Now in this world, she would enjoy life well.

As long as she was a little more stable and did not compete with the female lead, she would definitely live a long life!

Shi Xis eyes were filled with a smile.

She felt that her decision to distance herself from the female lead was absolutely correct!

This was simply like a heavy mountain and a heavy river that had no way out.

The willows were bright and the flowers were bright —


Just as Shi Xi wanted to experience a happy holiday, the car suddenly braked.

Shi Xi sat in the back seat of the car and knocked her head on the front seat.

“Uncle Wang, why did you suddenly stop” Shi Xi rubbed her forehead.

Uncle Wang: “Theres someone in the middle of the road.

Ill get out and take a look.”

Shi Xi looked out the window.

They were already on the mountain.

Who would be scamming them here

He was quite dedicated.

When Shi Xi got out of the car, he saw a man lying in the middle of the road.

His nose was stiff and his thin lips were tightly pursed.

Just the side profile of his face was incomparably handsome.

Uncle Wang said in surprise, “This is the young master of the Xie family, Xie Yunzhou.”

Shi Xi widened her eyes.

“Who is it!”

Uncle Wang said, “Xie Yunzhou.”

Xie Yunzhou, the eldest young master of the Xie family, the biggest villain in the book.

His personality was gloomy and unpredictable.

He had always targeted the male lead, and in the end, he ended up being alone for the rest of his life.

Shi Xi wanted to cry.

In the novel, Xie Yunzhou was the one who had people throw her into the river to feed the fish!


The mountains were heavy and the waters were heavy, but there was no way out.

In the end, there was a way to send her to the Netherworld!

She wanted to avoid the female lead, but why did she end up meeting the big villain!

Uncle Wang looked at Shi Xi and asked, “Miss, what should we do”

Shi Xi looked at the cliff and calmly said, “Throw him down.”


Throwing the big villain down the cliff to feed the wolves now was better than her getting thrown into the river to feed the fish in the future.


Uncle Wang said hesitantly, “Thats not very good, is it”

Shi Xi said expressionlessly, “If you know its not very good, then why dont you help him into the car”

Uncle Wang:”… Miss, your cold joke isnt very funny.”


Shi Xi really wanted to throw Xie Yunzhou off the cliff once and for all.

But this person had appeared in front of her in real life, so Shi Xi couldnt do it.

Uncle Wang helped him into the car and asked, “Miss, then should I turn around and go back to the city Send Young Master Xie to the hospital”

Shi Xi did not want to return to Feng City at all.

Why should she go back

Was she looking for death

Shi Xi had a flash of inspiration again and said, “Continue to go to Long Quan Village.

My parents run a clinic!”


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