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The girls voice was clear and cold, like a basin of cold water that was poured directly on the burning flames.

The arena instantly fell silent.

Shi Xi was very far away from the sapphire, so she couldnt see anything.

She could only hear the two people talking.

But she roughly knew that Nan Yi was about to be slapped in the face.

Why did she have to mock the female lead

As expected, Nan Yi spoke.

“Heh, are you saying that Im mistaken” Nan Yi crossed her arms and raised her chin slightly.

She smiled and said, “Do you know how to identify a gemstone A country bumpkin like you”

“According to the geological cause of formation, the quality of the gemstones varies.

The sapphire from the Myanmar shop is bright blue because it contains titanium, while the Kashmir sapphire is cornflower blue.

Its bright and has a bright color.”


As she spoke, Nan Yi picked up the sapphire and showed it to everyone.

“Only the sapphire produced by Sri Lanka has milky white starlight on its surface.

For example, the Star of Adam was produced in Sri Lanka.”


Everyone looked at the sapphire in Nan Yis hand.

In the middle of the sapphire, there was a milky white dot that emitted six milky white lines.

It was like the stars were shining.

Those who knew about jewelry nodded one after another.

“Miss Nan is right.”

“Sri Lanka does indeed produce the Starlight Sapphire.”

“Miss Nans family is in the jewelry business.

She cant be wrong.”

“I heard that the other contestant is from the countryside I guess she made a mistake.”

Shi Xi listened to the comments of the people around her and the corners of her mouth curled up into a sneer.

Heh, how could the eyesight of a group of mortals be better than that of the female protagonist

Moreover, did the host say anything

The host finally remembered his job.

He looked at Ning Yu and asked, “Miss, it seems that you have a different answer”

Ning Yus eyes were brown.

When she didnt smile, her eyes were cold and indifferent, making her look very distant.

“This is indeed a Starlight Sapphire, but its not produced in Sri Lanka, but Madagascar.”

Nan Yi laughed out loud and said, “Although the sapphires produced in Madagascar look like a Sri Lanka sapphire, in the eyes of an expert, its quality and value are far inferior to a Sri Lanka sapphire.”

“Those who come from the countryside are just ignorant.

If you want to learn from others to appraise gemstones, youd better study for another twenty years before showing off again!”

Hearing Nan Yis ridicule, Ning Yu did not say anything.

A beautiful girl beside Ning Yu became anxious.

“The host has yet to reveal the answer.

What are you so anxious for”

“Besides, Ning Yu had already entered the finals.

This means that her understanding of jewelry is deeper than most of the people present!”

“Could it be that you mean that the knowledge of so many people present is inferior to Ning Yu, who came from the countryside”

The moment the pretty girl opened her mouth, Nan Yi was stumped.

When the other guests heard this, they were also a little unhappy.

“I think that Ning Yu is quite knowledgeable.

Its a little impolite for Nan Yi to keep picking on her.”


“So what if shes from the countryside Three generations up, which family isnt a poor farmer And she even has a sense of superiority”

“Thats right.

I think that girl from the countryside is even more beautiful!”

After a series of comments, everyone switched sides and sided with Ning Yu.

Shi Xi: Tsk tsk.

Why bother

Ning Yus brows were still as calm as water.

She looked at the host and asked, “Its time to reveal the answer.”

The host was slightly startled.

He came back to his senses and said, “Oh, oh, lets reveal the answer!”

On the sapphire cushion, there was a card.

The host removed the paper that was pasted on it.

On it was written:

[Origin: Madagascar]

Ning Yu was right.


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