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Shi Xi took two steps back and couldnt see Ning Yu at all.

Ning Yu was tall and she wasnt short either.

But both of them were girls, and they couldnt compare to those tall and strong men.

Forget it.

As long as they were in this exhibition, they would be able to greet each other.

The organizer provided the gemstones, and after the contestants observed them, they had to give out information such as the type of gemstones and the origin of the gemstones.

This alone had already stumped most of the participants.

Of course, this was not a problem for Ning Yu and Nan Yi.

When Shi Xi saw the large group of people shake their heads and leave, she heaved a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing that she did not accompany them.

Otherwise, it would have been embarrassing.

Hua Hengzhe stood behind Shi Xi and suddenly asked, “Whats your relationship with Sheng Yan”

Shi Xi turned to look at him.

“Hes my friend.

Whats wrong”

Hua Hengzhe looked at the pink diamond on Shi Xis ear and then at Red Flame.

“You sure have a lot of good friends.”

Previously, when he had celebrated Xie Yunzhous birthday at Marriott Revolving Restaurant, the two of them had booked the entire restaurant.

No matter how he looked at it, it didnt seem right.

Later on, he had heard from Hua Xuanhe that Shi Xi was Sheng Yans fiancée.

Recently, she had even been trending on #Shi Xi Li Jinfan in love#.

So, pretty girls could have a lot of boyfriends

Hua Hengzhe revealed an envious look.

Shi Xi asked back, “So what if I have a lot of friends”

“Nothing.” Hua Hengzhe looked at the stage and asked, “Do you like that butterfly hair clip”

Shi Xi: “Its okay.”

Hua Hengzhe looked at Shi Xi and couldnt help but want to rub her hair.

Hold it in!

Hua Hengzhe said, “When Nan Yi wins that diamond hair clip, Ill come over to send it to you.”

Shi Xi: “”

“No need.

I think Miss Nan likes it very much too.” Shi Xi revealed a polite but awkward smile.

Why were there not many normal people in the Hua and Nan families!


She did not want to get involved with the people from these two families!

Shi Xi was thinking of a way to escape.

Just as she was thinking, the competition on the stage was getting better and better.

‘Forget it, I wont watch the b*stard when theres excitement.

Shi Xi continued to look at the stage and suddenly met Ning Yus eyes.

Shi Xi smiled and blinked her eyes.

She clenched her fists and cheered for Ning Yu.


Ning Yus eyes paused on Shi Xi for a moment and continued to look at the gem in front of her.

After a few rounds of appraisal, only Ning Yu and Nan Yi were left on the stage.

Nan Yi said disdainfully, “I really didnt expect a country bumpkin like you to know so much about jewelry.

It seems that youve done a lot of homework in order to marry into a wealthy family!”

Ning Yu raised her eyes slightly and said lazily, “Since your family is in the jewelry business, you should take care of yourself.

If you make a mistake in the appraisal under such circumstances, it will affect your familys brand reputation.”

The other jewelers who came to the exhibition did not participate.

Firstly, they did not want to make Shengshi Jewelry famous, and secondly, they were afraid of making a mistake.

After all, such a small event would not provide professional equipment, and it would not give them a long time to slowly appraise it.

It all depended on the contestants eyesight, experience, and luck.

“Dont worry, I definitely know more than a country bumpkin like you!” Nan Yi snorted lightly.

Following that, another sapphire was presented for appraisal by the two of them.

“This sapphire has six shooting stars on it.

It should be a Starlight Sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Because Sri Lankas sapphire contains the mineral rutile, it will reflect a unique milky white star-shaped light.” Nan Yi raised her hand.

She spoke confidently.

The people below the stage applauded one after another.

“As expected of Miss Nan Yi.

You even dabble in jewelry and jade!”

Nan Yi smiled and said humbly, “I only learned a little.”

While she was enjoying herself, Ning Yu slowly opened her mouth.

Her tone was slightly casual as she retorted, “The origin of this Starlight Sapphire is not Sri Lanka.”


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