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Nan Yi looked at the ruby necklace in the glass cover and exclaimed, “This is Red Flame, right”

Red Flame was a top-grade pigeon blood ruby.

It was not as translucent as ordinary gemstones.

There were many inclusions inside.

Therefore, when looking down at the Red Flame from above, one could see that the crystal was like a flickering flame.

Under the illumination of the light, the gem seemed to be burning.

Hua Hengzhe nodded.

“Yes, but this is not for sale.

You can only get it if you marry Sheng Yan.”

Nan Yi glanced at Sheng Yan and smiled.

“This is the family heirloom of the Sheng family.

Of course, it will not be sold.”

“Why dont you marry Sheng Yan, Cousin” Hua Hengzhe started to cheat his sister.

“Then, I will give Red Flame to my aunt.

Coincidentally, her birthday is coming soon.”


Nan Yi: …She knew that her little cousin was unreliable, but she didnt expect him to be so unreliable.

Shi Xi, who was listening by the side, was also speechless.

This was obviously stealing Red Flame.

He was even more whimsical than her.


Nan Yi was very helpless.

Just as she was about to say something, the loudspeaker on the stage rang.

“Welcome to the exhibition venue of Shengshi Jewelry.

In addition to the jewelry on the stage, there is also a small event specially organized for this exhibition! The prize is a diamond butterfly hair clip worth 200,000 yuan!”

The hosts voice rang out, attracting everyones attention.

The diamond butterfly hair clip was presented.

The hair clip was made extremely exquisitely, sparkling with bits and pieces of diamonds.

It was extremely beautiful.

The eyes of many of the women present lit up.

The host smiled and said, “This small event is to test everyones understanding of jewelry.

“Those who wish to participate can take a small test from the edge of the stage.

As long as they pass, they can enter the next stage!”

Nan Yis interest was instantly piqued.

She pulled Hua Hengzhe and said, “Cousin, lets go and participate! That butterfly hair clip is so beautiful!”

Hua Hengzhe said, “You can go and participate.

I know nothing about jewelry appraisal.”

Hearing that, Nan Yi thought for a moment and threw Hua Hengzhe aside.

When Shi Xi saw that butterfly hair clip, her heart was also moved for a moment.

She was very excited and wanted to participate.

Even if she didnt get it, it didnt matter.

The important thing was to participate!

However, when she looked up, she saw Ning Yu.

Why was Ning Yu here

When Nan Yi saw Ning Yu, she sneered, “Yo, a country bumpkin is here to look at jewelry Thats right.

You can only look at things that you cannot afford in your lifetime.”

Ning Yus eyes were cold as she looked at Nan Yis direction.

“Are you going to participate in the competition”

“Yes, my family owns a jewelry shop.

Appraising jewelry is not a problem.” Nan Yi covered her mouth and said in surprise, “Dont tell me you also want to participate in the competition and dream of getting diamond jewelry”

Ning Yu was originally not interested in the butterfly hair clip, but when she heard Nan Yis words, the corners of her mouth curled up.

“Whether its a dream or not, youll know in a while.”

Shi Xi: Oh, if Ning Yu participates, then everyone else will definitely be runner-up to her!


With the idea ofparticipating as the main focus, Shi Xi immediately gave up.

What was the main focus of participating

Those were all excuses for the losers to console themselves.

If they were to win the competition internally, who would still want to participate in the running with her It would be a waste of effort.

Shi Xi felt weak and wanted to greet Ning Yu.

However, the people who had signed up rushed up and blocked their line of sight.

Someone said to Shi Xi, “Miss, if youre not going to sign up, can you move aside first”

Shi Xi smiled apologetically.

“Ill move aside now.”

Scram then scram.

She was the best at scramming.


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