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Sheng Yan handed over an invitation card and said, “The Shengshi Jewelry store in Yanjing will open tomorrow.

If you are free tomorrow, you can go and take a look.”

Shi Xi took the invitation card.

“Have you been busy with this recently”

“What else” Sheng Yans face was full of black lines.

“I told you, Im here on business.”

“It just so happens that theres no recording tomorrow.

Ill go take a look.” Shi Xis eyes were smiling as she asked, “Do you need me to help you promote it I have 300,000,000 fans now!”

Sheng Yan joked, “Why didnt you say that you would put up your poster in the shop The publicity would be better.”

Shi Xi said, “Thats called an endorsement.

Its at a different price.”

Sheng Yan was silent for a moment.

“How much does it cost to get an endorsement from you”

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Im not sure.

I have to ask my agent.”

She was afraid that she would be cheated.

“Well talk about the endorsement later.

Come over tomorrow if youre free,” said Sheng Yan.

“Im free tomorrow.” Shi Xi looked at the address on it and scratched her head.

She asked, “But where are we I dont know the way!”

‘Forget it.

Ill take a taxi tomorrow.Shi Xi thought.

“Ill bring you there tomorrow morning,” said Sheng Yan.

“Ill look for you tomorrow at 8 oclock.”


After Sheng Yan left, Shi Xi put the invitation on the table and saw the poster on the table.

‘Oh f*ck, I forgot to get Tao Yuxuans autograph.

‘Maybe next time.

‘Definitely next time.

Shi Xi rested in peace.

The next day.

Sheng Yan brought Shi Xi to the Jinlou Mall and introduced, “Shengshi Jewelrys new store is on the first floor.”

“Its very prosperous here! The rent isnt low, right” Shi Xi asked with concern.

“It isnt low.” Sheng Yan thought of the rent he had given out and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

He felt a little sorry for her.

“This is the Hua familys property.

We got some connections from Hua Xuanhe, so the rent isnt cheap either.”

Shi Xi looked around and said, “The Hua family is really rich.”

No wonder Nan Wan was so arrogant.

When the two of them arrived at the Jinlou Mall, it was not even 9 oclock.

There were very few people in the mall, only the shop assistants who came to work.

“The decoration is very nice.” Shi Xi walked into the Shengshi Jewelry shop, almost blinded by the light.

“If you see anything you like, you can have it,” Sheng Yan said casually.

Shi Xi didnt stand on ceremony.

She glanced around and asked, “Is there anything else”

Sheng Yan couldnt help but laugh.

“Theres a jewelry exhibition at 10 oclock.

See if theres anything you like then.”

Shi Xi looked at the time.


“Then why are we here so early” Shi Xi couldnt help but ask.

“To decorate the venue!” Sheng Yan led Shi Xi to the stairs and said, “The shop is on the first floor, and the jewelry exhibition is on the top floor.

Ill show you.”

Shi Xi followed Sheng Yan to the top floor.

The place was decorated magnificently.

Exquisite paintings hung on the wall, and the lights were bright.

Every few steps, there was a glass cover.

In each glass cover, there was a piece of jewelry.

It was either colored jade, or crystal clear diamonds, as well as other exquisitely made gold and silver jewelry.

Shengshi Jewelry lived up to its name.

Sheng Yan walked to the empty glass cover in the center and opened the password box he had brought with him.

He placed a ruby necklace inside the glass cover and used the triple password of fingerprint, pupil, and number.

Shi Xi watched from the side, and her eyes lit up.

“This necklace is so beautiful! Can I have this”

Sheng Yan: “…You have a good eye for the Sheng family heirloom.”


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