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After Han Chuan found out the truth of the matter, he used the companys Weibo to post a clarification, denying the relationship between Shi Xi and Li Jinfan.

The public opinion was vigorous, but it had little impact on Shi Xi.

Shi Xi did not have any competitors at the moment.

The completed [The Overbearing School Bully Falls In Love With Me] had not been released yet, and the so-called popularity coach was only temporarily hired by the program team to make up the numbers.

The trainees fans would never provoke Shi Xi.

Most of the public opinion was directed at Li Jinfan.

Not only was he the initial C of [Star Idol], he was also ranked first in the first public performance.

He was popular and good-looking.

The other trainees fans were desperately trying to pull him down.

There was only one final C position.

As long as Li Jinfan was pulled down, the other trainees would have a chance.


Seeing the public opinion pressing on Li Jinfan, Shi Xi felt a little guilty.

If it werent for her meddling, Li Jinfan might have been less criticized.

Shi Xi asked Han Chuan, what could she do to help Li Jinfan

Han Chuan: “…You doing nothing is the greatest help to Li Jinfan.”

The clarification had already been sent.

Those who were willing to believe believed it, and those who were unwilling to believe it, no matter how they explained it, it was useless.

Shi Xi sighed.

“Lets hope he can endure it.”

“Dont mind it.

Even without you, Li Jinfan will still be scolded.” Han Chuans expression was indifferent.

“There are many ways in the entertainment industry to smear their opponents and trample on them.”

“Talent shows are even more like this.

Do you think only Li Jinfan will be scolded Bai Cangyang has always been scolded for acting like royalty, Jiang Haiyu has been said to not be worthy of being the top, and Pei Jie has been scolded for being sinister and vicious…”

“The higher you stand, the more slander and criticism you receive.

No one will be liked by everyone in the world.”

Shi Xi was deep in thought.

Han Chuan glanced at her and said, “Dont think that there arent many people who scold you.

The company will delete posts that scold you every day!”

Shi Xi: “…Thank you for your hard work.”

“Im just doing my job with money,” Han Chuan said expressionlessly.

“Who asked you to be the heiress of Kuai Xue Entertainment”

Kuai Xue Entertainment was the Shi familys Film and Television Department, so naturally, they would be interested in Shi Xi.

Shi Xi thought to herself,Its great to be rich.

She wanted to continue earning money! To repay Shi Xu!!

“Dont think so much!” Shi Xis eyes lit up.

“What other jobs are there! Arrange them all for me! I want to earn money!”

Han Chuan: “There arent any jobs.”

Shi Xi was puzzled.


“Its a lousy variety show.

Its better not to be on it than to be on it.

The endorsement offers for third-rate products and some live broadcasts will not be of any help to you.

Ive already rejected them.” Han Chuan glanced at Shi Xi.

He said, “I might as well let you recite a few more lines.”

[Nine Blades of Tang] was already ready to start filming.

When that time came, it would be even busier when Shi Xi started school.

Shi Xi picked up the script.


She still had faith in Han Chuans ability.

Han Chuan gave a few more instructions, telling Shi Xi not to eat too much and to go to the gym on time.

Shi Xi: “…”

It was so hard to be a beauty.

After sending Han Chuan off, Shi Xi lay on the sofa and read the script.

In [Nine Blades of Tang], she was going to play the male leads junior sister, his white moonlight, the pearl of the Tang Sect, Tang Xi.

She was well-read, gentle, and elegant, and was known as the number one beauty in the martial arts world.

Shi Xi not only read the script, but also found the original novel, wanting to understand Tang Xi more fully.

While reading the novel, there was a knock on the door.

Shi Xi went to open the door and found that Sheng Yan was standing outside.

“Eh Youre still in Yanjing”

Sheng Yans face darkened.

“Why Cant I be here”

“Ah, no, I didnt see you at Hua Xuanhes banquet, so I thought youd gone back to Feng City!” Shi Xi quickly explained and asked, “Its so late.

Whats the matter”

It was late at night.

A man and a woman alone…


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