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[The good student persona is assumed to be fake!]

[Li Jinfan often skipped classes in high school and was always last in class every year! As a result, he ended his college entrance examination and was admitted to Yanjing University!]

[Combined with the fact that his grandfather is the principal of Yanjing University, isnt this toocoincidental]

[He didnt study for three years and was admitted to Yanjing University in the college entrance examination Its really like having a cold window for ten years.

Its better to have a grandfather who is the principal.]

In a long article, they wrote Li Jinfan using all sorts oflying scenes, portraying him as a liar and a scheming person.

After Shi Xi finished reading, she looked at Li Jinfan with a complicated gaze.

Li Jinfan was most afraid of seeing such a gaze, so he pretended to be relaxed and said, “Teacher Shi Xi, have you finished reading”

Shi Xi asked, “Your grandfather is the principal of Yanjing University”

Li Jinfan was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

“He doesnt seem to have a good temper,” Shi Xi said with a sigh.

“You know him” Li Jinfan was puzzled.

“I met him once at my birthday banquet.” Shi Xi recalled the face-smacking banquet, oh, no, the birthday banquet, and said, “He said that my score was not enough for Yanjing University, so he wanted me to repeat my grades.”

Li Jinfan couldnt help but ask, “How much did you get”

Shi Xi said, “666 in the Arts.”

Li Jinfan was slightly surprised.

“Then youre guaranteed to get into Yanjing University! This year, Yanjing Universitys entrance score for the Arts is only 659 points.”

It wasnt low.

Shi Xi said, “I chose Haicheng University.”

Li Jinfan said regretfully, “If I had known earlier, I would have gone to Haicheng University as well.

There would have been more stages there.”

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“There are also many programs being recorded in Yanjing.

Principal Li is also in Yanjing, so its much more convenient for you to be here.”

Li Jinfan looked at Shi Xi.

“Didnt you realize that Im a scheming person after reading the trending searches”

Shi Xi raised her head and said, “Oh, I feel that being scheming isnt a bad thing.

As long as you dont have the intention to harm others, so what if you have a little bit of scheming”

“As long as you dont do anything to hurt others, even if you tell a little lie, you can still be forgiven.”

Li Jinfan looked at the girl and was slightly stunned.

Ever since his deeds were exposed, countless netizens had scolded him, and his fans had become black fans and stepped back on him.

Even some of his friends began to distance themselves from him, afraid of being implicated.

Only Shi Xi comforted him at this time.

Shi Xi raised her hand and patted his shoulder, saying, “Alright, practice well.”

“The people who like you, no matter what you do, they all like you.”

“The people who dont like you, no matter how you change, they all dont like you.

As long as you dont hurt others and let yourself live happily!”

“Then, does Sister Xi like me” Li Jinfan stared into Shi Xis eyes and asked half-jokingly and half-sincerely.

“I like you!” Shi Xi nodded affirmatively.

“Youre handsome, you sing so well, and youre also a dance god — other than the fact that youre Principal Lis grandson, I like everything!”

Li Jinfan couldnt help but laugh.

“I dont have a good relationship with my grandfather.”

Shi Xi: “Then I like you even more — I dont have a good relationship with your grandfather either.”

The wind blew at the corner of their clothes.

The girls long hair was messy and her smile was beautiful.

“Alright, lets go down quickly.

The wind has messed up my hairstyle.” Shi Xi knew that Li Jinfan did not want to jump off the building, so she prepared to go back in peace.


The two of them went down from the rooftop and did not see the camera in the distance.

“Did you see who that man is”

The distance was too far, and the camera could see Shi Xis pink hair at a glance.

But because the mans back was facing the camera, they could not see him clearly.

Finally, when they left, the camera caught the mans face.

“I saw him clearly.

Its Li Jinfan!”


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