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But werent artists all 8G surfers

After Shi Xi took the poster, she went to look for the trainees.

On the way, Shi Xi heard people whispering on the road:

“You heard that Li Jinfan…” The last sentence was lowered.

“I didnt expect him to look so simple and be so scheming.

How terrifying!”

When Shi Xi heard this, she looked over.

However, the staff members who were discussing had already disappeared around the corner.

Shi Xi: …D*mn it, finish your words!

What on earth happened to Li Jinfan

Shi Xi was confused.

She carried the rolled-up poster and walked to the floor of the practice room.

The second public performance was broadcasted live on Saturday night.

The trainees were all working hard to prepare for it, afraid that they would be a burden.

Shi Xi was not a functional instructor.

She was only here to cheer them on.

She was also looking for Li Jinfan to sign his autograph.

As she walked forward, Shi Xi saw a cold and indifferent trainee walking toward her.

“Eh Li Jinfan”

Li Jinfan raised his head.

His bright and sunny smile was now numb and indifferent, like a lifeless rag doll.

“Hello, Teacher Shi Xi.” Li Jinfan saw that it was Shi Xi and greeted her politely, preparing to continue walking forward.

“Wait, if youre not going to practice, where are you going” Shi Xi stopped Li Jinfan.

Now that everyone was risking their lives for the second performance, why didnt Li Jinfan take root in the practice room

“Teacher Shi Xi, I want to be alone.” Li Jinfan crossed Shi Xi and continued walking forward.

Shi Xi was a little surprised.

Li Jinfan had gotten first place in the first ranking.

He was still at initial C.

It could be said that Li Jinfan was a strong candidate for the final C position.

Why was he suddenly so lifeless

Moreover, he had always called her Sister Xi in the past.

Why was he suddenly so polite

Something must have gone wrong.

Shi Xi was worried and followed behind Li Jinfan.

She found that he had entered the stairway and was walking up.

There didnt seem to be a practice room upstairs

Could it be that he was going to jump

Shi Xi quickly followed up and tugged at the corner of Li Jinfans shirt.

“Hey! Where are you going”

Li Jinfan lowered his eyes and looked at the hand that was tugging at the corner of his shirt.

He then looked at Shi Xi and the corner of his mouth curled up.

“I just want to go to the rooftop to get some fresh air.”

Seeing how nervous Shi Xi was, Li Jinfan guessed that she was afraid that he would jump.

Although he was unhappy, it was not to the point of jumping off a building.

Shi Xi did not believe Li Jinfans words and did not let go.

She said, “Then Ill go with you to get some fresh air.”

Li Jinfans gloomy mood was slightly better.

He smiled and said, “Sure.”

He wanted to be alone.

However, if Shi Xi was by his side, he would still be very happy.

Shi Xi followed him to the roof and looked at the surrounding scenery.

She said, “This place is not bad!”

Li Jinfan said, “We cant go out, and the dormitory is a place with many people.

If we want to be quiet, we can only hide in the corridor or on the rooftop.”

The wind blew wantonly, and the girls long hair was disheveled in the wind.

Shi Xi looked at Li Jinfan and asked, “Are you unhappy”

Li Jinfan asked in return, “Didnt you read Weibo”

Shi Xi thought of something and asked, “Theres a negative trending topic about you”

Li Jinfan laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Sort of.”

What did he mean bysort of

Shi Xi took out her phone and opened Weibos top search.

The top search was for Li Jinfan.

#Li Jinfans persona collapsed# [Explode]

[Dance scums persona, fake! Li Jinfan lied that his dancing was bad, but he had actually started learning hip-hop at the age of 11.

He has been learning hip-hop for six to seven years and has even won two hip-hop championships in the process! Dont think that he worked hard.

He was a dancing god! Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger!]

[His background was fake! Li Jinfan claimed that he did not have money, but he is actually a rich third-generation! His grandfather is the principal of Yanjing University, Li Guanqi.

His father is the big boss of the Yanjing Bookstore.

His mother is the daughter of a socialite.]


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