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#Shi Xi Mermaid Is the Best#

[If I look like this, Ill walk all over the place.]

[Shes so beautiful.

I really want to use her face to live for a day!]

[Wow! Im looking forward to it! I hope thatOverbearing Love can be broadcast earlier!]

[Please guide us @Shi Xi.]

This animation of Shi Xi was absolutely beautiful.

As long as it was uploaded, it would be saved and shared with the friends around them.

The director did not buy the trending searches.

Shi Xi relied on her beauty and the support of passerby fans to rush to the 49th place in the trending searches.

She was barely at the bottom.

Ji Yin was bored as she scrolled through Weibo.

She was a big fan of Quan Gaoyi, who was currently at the top of the stream.

She was also the head of Quan Gaoyis fan club.

Apart from her daily fan club work, whether it was online casting endorsements or offline support returns, she was well-organized.

The current top actor, Quan Gaoyi, was an all-rounder idol artist.

He was currently transitioning into a capable actor.

Unfortunately, his acting skills were not good.

He had shot two television dramas in a row, but there were no splashes.

He had fallen flat on his face.

Now, he was preparing for a new drama.

It was said that it was also an S level.

Ji Yin emotionlessly reposted her Weibo and typed, [Ah, ah, ah, ah, Im really looking forward to Brothers performance! Quan Gaoyi is the best!] In reality, she didnt feel a single ripple in her heart.

PLease reading on Mybo x no v el.


As a five-year-old fan of Quan Gaoyi, Ji Yin knew very well that Quan Gaoyi wasnt suitable for acting.

He didnt have good script memorization and his acting skills were terrible.

If it wasnt for her fondness for him from a long time ago, she wouldnt be able to continue being a fan now.

Ji Yin scrolled through Weibos hot searches and saw the #Shi Xi Mermaid in #49.

Heh, how good could it be

Ji Yin casually clicked on it and saw that the girl was slowly looking up.

Her eyes were watery and her smile was pure and boundless.

So beautiful!

Ji Yins pupils dilated as she saved the picture.

She was really beautiful!

Such beauty was not only in the top 49 searches!

Just as Ji Yin was feeling sorry for this sister, the news in the support group suddenly exploded.

[F*ck! The news of Quan Gaoyi concealing his marriage and giving birth to a child has been leaked!]

[Is it fake]

[Its true.

Sister-in-law personally went on stage to leak the news!]

Ji Yins heart tightened.

She hurriedly returned to Weibo and saw an entry that popped up.

#Quan Gaoyi Divorced Because His Wife Gave Birth To a Daughter#

[Ah When did he get married]

[F*ck, what a douchebag in the entertainment industry.

The news of his marriage didnt leak out, but it went straight to the top searches for divorce.

Oh my god.]

[I thought it was a headline-grabbing topic, but I didnt expect Quan Gaoyi to really say something like, “If you cant give birth to a son, then we have to get a divorce.”]

[This is Quan Gaoyi The mother isnt a single mother]

Ji Yin clicked on the screenshot and video of the expose.

Quan Gaoyis reclusive wife had personally exposed this, so she could clearly hear that it was Quan Gaoyis voice.

[If you have a daughter, my parents wont even have face if they go out.]

[Ill give you 200,000 yuan.

Lets get a divorce.

The daughter is yours.

I dont want this child.]

[I definitely want a son.

If you cant accept me finding another one, then well get a divorce.]

[If you cant give birth to a son, then well have to get a divorce.

I have to have a son, right]


[So what if I sleep with other women Arent men all like this]


[Dont you women just want money Didnt I give you 200,000 yuan]

For a moment, Weibo was in chaos.

Many female fans came out on the spot and didnt forget to step on Quan Gaoyi before they left.

Even someone as calm as Ji Yin couldnt help but scold Quan Gaoyi for being shameless.

He was eating the traffic that female fans had worked so hard to cast for him, yet he still looked down on women.

Who could tolerate this!


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