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The doorbell rang.

Shi Xi hung up the phone and went to open the door.

It was Xie Yunzhou.

Xie Yunzhou handed her a paper bag and said, “Take a look.

Is it the same as the cosmetics you broke today”

When Nan Wan searched Shi Xis things, she carried the bag and threw it down.

The powder compact and lipstick in the bag were not spared, so Shi Xi simply did not want them.

She did not expect Xie Yunzhou to buy a new one for her.

“Thank you!” Shi Xi took the bag and felt her hand drop.

This, shouldnt there be only one powder compact and one lipstick

Shi Xi looked down and saw that there were many lipsticks inside.

“Why did you buy so many” Shi Xi was slightly surprised.

“I saw that these are all very nice, so I bought them.” Xie Yunzhou pursed his lips and did not dare to say what color he liked.

He was strongly advised by the shop staff not to buy them.

In the end, Xie Yunzhou could only buy all these lipsticks while he was still skeptical.

Shop assistant: No girl would like fluorescent powder!

However, Xie Yunzhou felt that Shi Xi liked it, so he forcefully bought the fluorescent powder.

Shi Xi even had to choose pink for her hair, so she would definitely like the pink ones as well.

At this moment, Shi Xi looked at the bag of lipsticks and said with her eyes curved, “Thank you.

You dont have to buy so many things for me next time.”

It was a bag of clothes and lipstick.

She felt embarrassed after receiving it!

“You bought three ties for me.” Xie Yunzhou smiled and said, “Take it as a return gift.”

Shi Xi thought to herself,The tie that I gave you is your birthday present, and its also your return gift for my birthday present.

Now, youre giving me a return gift…

It was already hard to calculate.

As expected, this was the way of giving back to the world

The world of adults was so complicated.

“Then Ill accept it!” Shi Xis eyes curved as she stared at Xie Yunzhous lips and said, “Wait for me!”

Xie Yunzhous heart raced.

Could it be that the girl wanted to kiss him

How could he pretend that he was very familiar with kissing

Shi Xi placed the bag on her table and took out another lipstick.

She said, “The weather here is dry, remember to drink more water.

This lipstick is very moisturizing, Ill let you use it!”

Xie Yunzhou lowered his eyes and looked at the lipstick in the girls hand.

He couldnt hide his disappointment.

Shi Xi saw his expression and quickly explained, “Dont worry, this is new! I bought two, but this hasnt been used before!”

Xie Yunzhou took the lipstick from the girls hand.

“Thank you.”

“Rest early.

Goodnight!” The girls eyes were shallow, like starlight.

“Goodnight.” Xie Yunzhou looked at the lipstick in his hand and found it funny.

He didnt expect to receive such a gift.

The next day.

Xie Yunzhou sat in the car and listened to his assistants report on todays work schedule.

The assistant read the schedule and looked up at the rearview mirror.

He found his boss was putting on lipstick!

The assistant: “!”

Oh, it was lipstick.

The weather in Yanjing was indeed dry.

However, looking at the boss wearing lipstick, he felt that it was somewhat peaceful.

The current assistant: the boss is actually wearing lipstick!

One year later assistant: buy facial masks for the boss.

Cough, cough.

Shi Xi arrived at the recording studio of the program team.

She first went to the publicity team to look for Li Jinfans poster.

Hearing that Shi Xi wanted Li Jinfans poster, the publicity team staff had a strange look in their eyes.

“Is this for sale” Shi Xi held the poster in her hands with uncertainty, wondering if she had to pay for it.

“Teacher Shi Xi, just take it away.

These are for publicity on the wall.” The staff member even rolled up the poster enthusiastically and handed it to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi held the poster and tilted her head.

“Okay, thank you”

“No need to thank me.” The staff member looked at the dazed Shi Xi, wondering if he should tell Shi Xi.


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