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Nan Wan reached out her hand to pick up the cracked compact.

But just as she picked up the compact, silver-white high heels stepped on the back of Nan Wans hand.

Nan Wan raised her head in shock.

Her fair and delicate calves, her wine-red gown…


How dare Shi Xi!

She was the eldest miss of the Nan family, the cousin of the Hua family!

But, Shi Xi just did that.

Shi Xi stepped on the back of Nan Wans hand and looked down at her.

“I forgot to tell you that I dont want the shattered powder compact.

Just pick up my room card.”

After saying that, Shi Xi released her foot and gestured for Nan Wan to pick up the room card.

Nan Wan looked at the back of her hand that was stepped on and the humiliation in her heart deepened.

She picked up the room card and handed it to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi took the room card.

“Thank you.”

Perhaps because she had suffered too much humiliation, Nan Wan was already numb to it.

After handing the room card to Shi Xi, Nan Wan wanted to check the surveillance cameras to find out where the ring had been placed.

But before she could leave, Shi Xi called out to her again.

“Miss Nan, wait.”

Nan Wan turned around and looked at Shi Xi.

“Is there anything else”

After apologizing and picking up the items, she was stepped on by Shi Xi and humiliated.

How else was she going to humiliate her!

Shi Xis eyes were bright and clear, and she smiled innocently.

“Since youve already searched me, why dont you search Xie Yunzhou and Hua Xuanhe as well”

When she said this, everyone present was stunned.

Search, search Xie Yunzhou and Hua Xuanhe

One was the young master of the Xie family, and the other was the heir of the Hua family.

Who would dare to search these two people

Besides, how could they possibly steal a ring

Nan Wan was riding a tiger and had no way out.

What was she going to say

Earlier, she had confidently said that she was going to search Shi Xi, but now, Shi Xi had said that she had to search Xie Yunzhou and Hua Xuanhe.

“No, theres no need.” Nan Wan did not dare to search these two people.

She hurriedly waved her hand.

“If the ring is lost, so be it.”

She must not provoke these two people again.

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Miss Nans family background is very good, right”

Nan Wan frowned.

“What are you trying to say”

The smile in Shi Xis eyes deepened.

“If your family background wasnt good, you wouldnt bully the weak like this.

You wouldnt bully the weak and fear the strong.”

“You!” Nan Wans eyes widened.

She wanted to retort, but she could not say a word.

She did indeed think that Shi Xi was easy to bully…

But Shi Xi actually said it out loud!

Shi Xi smiled and said, “Im fine now.

Miss Nan, please do as you please.

I hope that you can find your ring as soon as possible.”

Nan Wan was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

“Since Im also one of the suspects, lets do a search.” Xie Yunzhou swept his gaze over and pointed at a male waiter.

“Come over here.”

The male attendants legs were trembling.


Xie Yunzhou nodded.

The male waiter staggered forward and wiped his hands clean, afraid that he would dirty Xie Yunzhous suit.

He couldnt afford to pay for it!

The male waiter touched Xie Yunzhous pocket and took out his wallet, phone, and an earpiece.

The waiter looked at Xie Yunzhou and, with his promise, opened his wallet.

There was no ring.

Xie Yunzhou put away his things and looked at Hua Xuanhe said, “Its your turn.”

Hua Xuanhe felt helpless.

He knew that Xie Yunzhou liked to bully others when he was unhappy and wanted to pull him along to embarrass himself.

He was being searched on the spot for something.

These people from big families had never encountered such a thing before.

Hua Xuanhe nodded slightly and looked at the waiter.


Nan Wan lowered her head, not daring to look at Hua Xuanhes expression.

How did things come to this

The male waiter walked to Hua Xuanhes side and started to search Hua Xuanhes pocket.

There was only a pen in his jacket pocket.

In his waist pocket…

The waiter touched a ring-shaped object and took it out with a stiff expression.


It was a ring.


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