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Shi Xis words provoked Nan Wans anger.

“How could you steal my ring!” Nan Wan said angrily, “Do you dare to let me search your bag!”

Shi Xi raised her eyes slightly and said with a faint smile, “Im sorry, you dont have the right to search my body.

Since you suspect me, then call the police.”

As she said that, Shi Xi put her bag on the table next to her and said with a smile, “If you cant find it, I can also sue Miss Nan for framing me.”

“Then what if I find it” Nan Wans eyes were gloomy as she stared at Shi Xi.

“Ive said it before, I didnt steal your ring.

If you find it, then let the police investigate the surveillance cameras and check the fingerprints on the ring.” Shi Xi was not flustered at all.

Nan Wan panicked.

The short-haired woman beside her did not care so much.

She urged, “Wan Wan, she just has a guilty conscience.

Just search it directly!”

Thats right, Shi Xi just had a guilty conscience.

That was why she hid it and did not want to be searched!

She knew that the ring was in Shi Xis bag.

As long as she could prove that Shi Xi had stolen her ring, everything that she had suffered just now would be worth it!

Nan Wan took a step forward and picked up the bag that Shi Xi had placed on the table.

She grabbed the bottom of the bag and the things inside fell to the ground.

Shi Xi saw her actions and pursed her lips slightly.

She had brought a small handbag with her.

There was only a cell phone, a room card, a tube of lipstick, and a powder compact in it.

Shi Xi held the cell phone in her hand and saved it from a disaster.

As for the other things, they were all thrown to the ground.

The powder compact cracked and broke into pieces.

The lid of the lipstick did not open, but she did not know how it was inside.

There was no ring.

Nan Wan frowned and looked at it again and again.

There was no ring.

How could there be no ring!

Nan Wan panicked even more.

She had clearly put the ring in Shi Xis bag!

How could it be missing!

Was it really lost!

Nan Wan gritted her teeth and asked, “Where did you hide my ring!”

Nan Wan did not lie.

That ring was indeed an out-of-print ring that she had bought with the money she had earned.

It was an item that she loved and cherished very much.

Shi Xi held her phone and spread out her hands.

“Miss Nan, youve already searched my bag.

Do you still want to frame me”

Nan Wan clenched her fists and threw Shi Xis bag onto the table.

She had thrown it into Shi Xis bag with her own hands.

It must have been hidden by Shi Xi!

Shi Xi chuckled.

“Are you going to end it like this after youve framed me”

The short-haired woman behind Nan Wan said angrily, “What else do you want Wan Wans ring has been lost.

Since you didnt steal it, you should have let us search your bag earlier!”

Nan Wan took a deep breath and said, “Im sorry, Miss Shi.

I was a little anxious because I lost something.”

“I accept your apology.” Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Now, pick up my things.”

There were so many people watching from the side.

Nan Wan felt that it was embarrassing to pick up things, so she pointed at a waiter and said, “Come here and pick up your things.”

Shi Xi interrupted, “Dont you have your own hands”

Nan Wan widened her eyes.

“You want me to pick up things for you”

“Miss Nan, didnt you throw it to the ground” Shi Xis eyes were curved, as if she was not angry at all.

“Pick up the things on the ground.” Xie Yunzhou looked at Nan Wan, his voice cold.

Nan Wan looked at Xie Yunzhou, then at Hua Xuanhe.


Hua Xuanhe said lightly, “Pick it up.”

Nan Wan reluctantly squatted down.

In a place where others could not see, Nan Wans eyes were dark and vicious.

‘Shi Xi, I will pay you back a hundred times for the humiliation you made me suffer today!


Just when Nan Wan reached out to pick up the shattered powder compact, silver high heels stepped on the back of Nan Wans hand!


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