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If he hadnt been splashed with tea by the new female employee today, he wouldnt have changed his clothes, changed into this inferior wine-red tie, and collided with Xie Yunzhous tie again.

Thats right, he didnt like this tie.

Hua Xuanhe straightened his back.

Let the drinks and wine come more fiercely!

Hearing the commotion at the banquet, Hua Xuanhe frowned slightly and walked toward the commotion.

There were people who dared to cause trouble at the banquet that he, Hua Xuanhe, was hosting

On the way to watch the commotion, a waitress bumped into Hua Xuanhe.

Hua Xuanhe immediately lowered his head to check his clothes.

Fortunately, his clothes were not splashed with alcohol.

When he raised his head, the waitress who bumped into him had already disappeared.

At the same time, Hua Xuanhe and the others heard the discussion:

“Nan Wans ring has been lost.

It seems to have been stolen.”

“Ah Its just a ring.

Who would steal it”

“From Nan Wans words, she thinks that Shi Xi stole it.”

Hua Xuanhes breath almost came to a halt.

He had warned Nan Wan openly and secretly, but Nan Wan refused to listen to him.

They had all grown up in big families, so why would she use such a low-profile trick

Hua Xuanhe walked into the center of the crowd with a cold face.

Oh, no, the center of the storm.

At this moment, Shi Xi and Nan Wan were already surrounded in the middle.

“If you like my ring, I can lend it to you, but you cant steal it!” Nan Wans tears were brewing in her eyes.

She looked like a pitiful victim, “Thats the first time I bought a ring with money.

Although its not expensive, its my favorite accessory.

Can you return it to me”

Shi Xi heard Nan Wans mindless words and asked in confusion, “I didnt steal anything from you.

What do you want me to return”

Hearing that, the short-haired woman beside Nan Wan stepped forward.

“Nan Wan only spoke to you just now! I even met you in the bathroom.

If you didnt steal it, who did”

“Shi Xi, dont think that just because this is Yanjing, no one knows who you are.

You took the place of the Shi familys true daughter in Feng City.

Youve lived a good life for 18 years, and now youre still taking over the magpies nest!

“You thief, even someone elses life –”


A stern shout interrupted the short-haired womans words.

Hua Xuanhe wore a cold face walked forward.

When he reached Shi Xis side, he softened his expression and said, “Im sorry, Miss Shi.

Its my fault for not treating you well enough and making you suffer.”

Nan Wans face turned pale.

“Cousin, she stole something from me!”

She should have been the one who suffered, but why did her cousin apologize to Shi Xi!

Hua Xuanhes cold eyes swept over her.

“Nan Wan, why did you have to cause trouble at the banquet”

Nan Wan clenched her hands.


Why did Xie Yunzhou like Shi Xi, and why did her cousin stand on Shi Xis side!

No one had ever cared about her.

“I didnt cause trouble.” Nan Wan calmed down and said, “Shi Xi stole my ring.

As long as I search her body, well know if what I said is true.”

As long as she found her ring on Shi Xis body, she would be able to prove that what she said was true.

She would definitely destroy Shi Xis reputation in Yanjing, andshe would never be able to raise her head!

“You want to search her just like that” Hua Xuanhes eyes were cold as he suppressed his anger and said, “What evidence do you have to prove that Shi Xi stole your ring”

Nan Wan bit her lip.

She couldnt possibly say that she had personally put the ring into Shi Xis bag, right

“Just now, I only talked to Shi Xi, then went to the washroom and also met Shi Xi,” Nan Wan said.

“After that, my ring disappeared! If she didnt steal it, who else could have stolen it!”

“Just now, you also talked to me.” Xie Yunzhou appeared, and his gaze swept over Hua Xuanhe, adding, “And Hua Xuanhe.”

Shi Xis eyes curved.

“It seems that the three of us are all suspects!”

“Then why does Miss Nan only think that I stole your things”


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