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Nan Wan did not want to listen to Hua Xuanhes lesson.

She looked away and pressed down the corner of her mouth.

“Im going to touch up my makeup.”

Hua Xuanhe: “…”

Alright, he was the one who talked too much.

Hua Xuanhe finally understood why so many parents were so irascible.

It was all because of the children.


When Nan Wan reached the bathroom door, she saw Shi Xi standing in the dryer, seriously drying her hands.

She was stupid and weird.

What did Xie Yunzhou like about her

Nan Wan suppressed her anger and did not even greet her.

She stood in front of the makeup mirror and was about to put on her lipstick when she saw Shi Xis bag on the sink out of the corner of her eye.

Meanwhile, Shi Xis back was facing the mirror, so she could not see her movements.

In an instant, Nan Wan took off her ring and threw it in.

Just as she threw it in, the dryer stopped working.

Shi Xi turned around and took her bag away, pretending not to see Nan Wan.

Shi Xi had seen Nan Wan when she came in just now.

However, the two of them were not close.

Nan Wan did not greet her, so Shi Xi pretended not to see her and ran away with her bag.

Nan Wan calmed her breathing and took out a powder cake to touch up her makeup.

Just as she was thinking about what to do next, a cold girl walked out and quietly washed her hands.

The girls appearance was cold and elegant, and her temperament was like an orchid in an empty valley.

She was cold and otherworldly.

She was wearing the clothes of a hotel attendant.

Other than being a little more beautiful and cold, there was nothing special about her.

Nan Wan only took a glance at her before she retracted her gaze and continued to touch up her makeup.

What she needed to do was to touch up her makeup and then pretend to be anxious as she searched for the ring.

When everyone discovered that the ring was in Shi Xis bag…

Lets see how she could continue to mingle in the capital!

Nan Wans eyes were cold.


Ning Yu did not expect to encounter such a thing just because she was out on a mission.

Nan Wan chose Shi Xis blind spot, but Ning Yu saw it clearly.

Ning Yus eyes turned slightly, and she carried the tray to Shi Xis side.

After Shi Xi appeared, Ning Yu saw her.

She had been hiding from Shi Xi, not wanting to be discovered by her.

Now it seemed like she had no choice but to be exposed.

There were often waiters and waitresses at the banquet, and Ning Yus presence was not eye-catching.

But Shi Xi knew Ning Yu, the big shot!

Seeing Ning Yu wearing the waitress clothes, Shi Xis surprised eyes met Ning Yus cold eyes.

Shi Xi remembered that Ning Yu was a big shot in a vest.

She immediately averted her gaze and pretended not to see Ning Yu.

Ning Yu wanted to laugh in her heart.

She had clearly seen her, yet she still acted so deliberately.

But it was better this way.

Ning Yu passed by Shi Xi and continued to walk among the crowd.

She was clearly a qualified waitress.

Not long after, Nan Wan returned.

She chatted with her friends and smiled.

“Im just a small actress.

How much can I get paid I just bought myself a ring.”

As she said that, Nan Wan looked at her hand and said in surprise, “Eh Wheres my ring”

Her good friend immediately looked around.

“Did you drop it somewhere”

Nan Wan frowned and said, “It was just here.

Why is it gone”

Her good friend asked, “What kind of ring is it”

“Its Tiffanys out-of-print ring.

Although its only a few hundred thousand yuan, I bought it myself with my own money.

How could it be gone” Nan Wan looked anxious.

She was originally an actress, so she was very good at acting at this time.

There was a commotion at the banquet.


Hua Xuanhe the female guests carefully avoided the waitresses and the female guests who were holding wine glasses.

Ever since the rise of overbearing CEO novels, his clothes were always splashed with all kinds of coffee, wine, and drinks.

His clothes didnt look like clothes, but like a sewer.

Thinking of this, Hua Xuanhe sighed.


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