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The greasy man chuckled.

“Im not drunk, Im sober! Little princess, as long as you follow me, Ill definitely let you continue living the life of a little princess.

How about it”

As he said that, the greasy mans narrowed eyes swept across the girls chest and extended his fat hand to hug Shi Xis waist.

Just as he extended his hand, the greasy mans arm was grabbed.

“Who, who are you!” The greasy man did not recognize Xie Yunzhou and said angrily, “Let go of me!”

Xie Yunzhous eyes suppressed his viciousness, and he kicked the greasy man away.

The banquet instantly quieted down.

“F*ck! How dare you hit me Do you know that I –” The greasy man grimaced in pain.

Just as he was about to get up, the security guard strode forward, covered his mouth, and dragged him out.

Hua Xuanhe smiled.

“Im sorry.

It was my mistake to let some shady characters sneak in at the banquet.”

Everyone came back to their senses and quickly said, “Its okay, its okay.”

The greasy man was the illegitimate son of a big shot in Yanjing.

He was used to bullying people because of his power, so everyone turned a blind eye to him for his fathers sake.

This time, Hua Xuanhe directly said that he was a shady character.

It seemed that the greasy man had kicked an iron plate.

Some people looked at Xie Yunzhou and felt that he looked familiar, but they could not remember clearly.

There were too many young people working in Yanjing.

Nan Wan saw Xie Yunzhou standing up for Shi Xi, and a hint of jealousy flashed in her eyes.

She went forward and said worriedly, “Yunzhou, are you okay”

Shi Xi stood next to Xie Yunzhou and said speechlessly, “Xie Yunzhou kicked that greasy man three feet away.

The one who is in trouble should be the one who got kicked.”

How could Xie Yunzhou be in trouble

The villain big boss was angry, and he buried the cannon fodders corpse and threw him into the sea.

“Oh You want to care about the man who got kicked away by me” Xie Yunzhou stared at Shi Xi and spoke in an unfriendly tone.

“How can that be I want to say: good kick!” Shi Xi blinked and noticed that Nan Wan was looking at her with hostility, so she said consciously, “Im going to the bathroom.

You guys talk.”

Xie Yunzhou pursed his lips.

The anger in his heart was almost gone.

He was clearly here to protect Shi Xi.

Not only did Shi Xi not thank him, but she was also a little afraid of him.

What exactly went wrong

Xie Yunzhou felt even more frustrated.

“…When I was abroad, I thought it would be great if you were here.” After Nan Wan said that, she waited for Xie Yunzhou to continue.

But she realized that Xie Yunzhou seemed to be in a trance

“Yunzhou” Nan Wan called out again.

Xie Yunzhou came back to his senses and said, “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Nan Wan looked at Xie Yunzhous back and clenched the cup in her hand.

“You can tell that Xie Yunzhou likes that girl.

Why do you still go up to him” Hua Xuanhes voice was gentle and slow.

He advised, “A melon that is forcefully twisted is not sweet.”

Nan Wan took a deep breath.

“Whether its sweet or not, its up to me.”

Hua Xuanhe looked at his stubborn cousin and said, “If you cant twist this melon off, you wont be able to taste anything.”

Nan Wans expression instantly turned ugly.

Hua Xuanhe was helpless.

Why were none of his younger brothers and sisters normal

If he had a younger sister like Shi Xi, how good would it be to be cute and worry-free

Hua Xuanhe finished the wine in his glass and warned, “Dont think of doing anything.

Xie Yunzhou is not someone you can mess with.”

He knew his younger brothers and sisters very well.

They would do anything to get what they wanted.

It was too difficult.

An elder brother was like a father — why did he have to manage these brainless sons and daughters at such a young age


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