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When Sheng Yan heard this, he was a little confused.

However, he quickly figured it out.

Baldness was hereditary.

Shi Xi was reminding him to prevent baldness as soon as possible.


Sheng Yan returned to the company and the secretary brought him a cup of coffee as usual.

Looking at the coffee in front of him, Sheng Yan was silent for a moment and said, “Change it to tea in the future.”

It was easy for ones hair to fall out from drinking coffee.


Although he had a lot of hair now, it did not mean that his hair would always be luxuriant.

Should he look for a doctor in advance

At such a young age, Sheng Yan suddenly began to worry about his hair in the future.



When Shi Xi returned to the set, her green hair shocked everyone.

The entertainment circle was the most tolerant of hair dyeing.

No matter what color it was, there would always be people who dared to try it.

However, because of the special meaning behind green, no one wanted to be dyed green, so there were not many people who dyed their hair green.

No one expected that Shi Xi would be so beautiful after dyeing her hair green…

The director was also stunned for a moment before he said angrily, “You still have scenes in the afternoon.

Why are you dyeing your hair!”

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Shi Xi said righteously, “Isnt there a school anniversary celebration tonight Im going to play a mermaid tonight.

Green hair suits me very well!”

Director:What she said makes sense.

Shi Xi brushed her hair and said, “Im going to go change first.”

They were going to film the school anniversary celebration tonight.

Shi Xi was going to play a mermaid, while Yun Guanghe was going to play a prince.

The two of them acted out a fairy tale on stage, looking extremely beautiful.

Being praised by everyone as a match between a man and a woman of equal status, the female lead watched the two of them from below the stage, feeling bitter and inferior.

Then, the two of them had another series of misunderstandings, quarrels, cold war, and reconciliation.

Shi Xi only skimmed through the storyline of the male and female lead and yawned.

After changing into the mermaids clothes, the makeup artist meticulously applied mermaid makeup on Shi Xi.

After the stage was set up, the director shouted through the loudspeaker, “The next scene, Yun Guanghe, Shi Xi, you guys get ready.”

Under the dim lights, a narrator sounded:

“In the depths of the ocean, there is a palace where the Sea King and his six daughters live.

Of the six daughters, the youngest loves to fantasize the most, and is also the most beautiful.”

After the narrator ended, a spotlight fell on the center of the stage.

The first thing that came into view was a water-blue fish tail, sparkling and shining.

The top was a light green seaweed top, barely covering the beautiful scenery in front of her chest, revealing her slender waist.

Looking up, her long green hair was stuck in a shell hairpin, falling on her chest.

Her slender neck and beautiful collarbones were faintly discernible.

The camera zoomed in.

The girls skin was whiter than snow, her eyebrows were curved, and her cherry lips were soft.

Under her long eyelashes that were like crow feathers, there was a pair of pure eyes that were more sparkling than sapphire, and more boundless than the sea.

Under the light, the girl slowly raised her eyes and looked forward.

With a faint smile, she turned all living things upside down.

Everyone present was stunned by her beauty.

Only the sound of running machines could be heard on the stage.

Everyone slowed down their breathing, afraid that they would disturb the little princess at the bottom of the sea.

After a long while, the director shouted, “Pass!”

“Shi Xi is so beautiful!”

“I want to dye my hair green too.”

“Tsk, she is indeed beautiful.

It has nothing to do with what she dyes her hair.”

The director directed this scene and posted it on the official Weibo account ofOverbearing Love.

@The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me Official Weibo: “Seas Daughter @Shi Xi [Animation].”

After the official Weibo that was used to promote the movie was posted, the movie fans and fans who had been following the movie also saw this animation.

Shi Xis mermaid princess costume was unbelievably beautiful, and it immediately attracted many face fans.


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