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“Thank you to the fans who have always supported me.

Thank you to the teammates who went up on stage with me.

Thank you to the teachers for their guidance.

Thank you to Teacher Shi Xi for her encouragement.”

Li Jinfan gave a general thanks to the others and only pointed out Shi Xis name.

Shi Xi smiled and clapped.

She thought that after the first place finished speaking, she would be able to get off work.

The happiness of a laborer.

Before this, she had thought that it was a loss for the audition that she did not participate in the audition.

Now, Shi Xi: Fortunately, I did not participate.

Im too tired.

Most of the trainees were excellent.

Her duet dancing was blank.

If she really participated in the audition, she would definitely have to work hard to get a debut spot.

She would have to endure even more abusive attacks.

After the first ranking was released, Shen Hanquan and Shi Xi left the recording studio, leaving the venue for the trainees to say goodbye.

For the trainees who had not been promoted, this journey was over.

Back at the hotel, Han Chuan handed Shi Xi a script.

“This is the script for [Nine Blades of Tang].

Ive gotten you the role of the female supporting actress, Tang Xi.”

Shi Xi held the thick script and asked in surprise, “Dont they need an interview”

“This is a project that our Kuai Xue Entertainment is investing in.

They wont reject the request for a supporting actress.” Han Chuans voice was indifferent.

Kuai Xue Entertainment was the Shi familys Film and Television Department.

Shi Xi held the script in her hand and asked, “Since its our investment, why dont you give me the role of the female lead”

Han Chuan: “”

He had brought along so many artists before, but he had never met someone like Shi Xi.

Why dont you give me the role of a female lead

This tone was too much!!

Why should he give you a female lead!

Even if you are the little princess of the Shi family, you have to be reasonable, right

How long has it been since you debuted

Can you shoulder the viewership ratings


Letting a famous male lead and female lead shoulder the drama, isnt it good for you to accumulate experience and fame

Han Chuan was expressionless.

“The female lead has already been decided.” Furthermore, she was a very famous A-list actress with good looks, acting skills, and many fans.

Shi Xi flipped through the script.

“Alright, then Ill be the supporting actress.”

Han Chuan could hear some compromise in Shi Xis tone.

Young people nowadays were really ambitious.

Ever since they debuted, they had been dreaming of becoming the female lead of a star-rated drama.

Han Chuan took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Forget it, forget it.

“You should study the script first.

The production crew will start filming soon.” Han Chuan frowned and said, “This is a Wuxia drama.

There will be some martial arts scenes in the middle.

There will be a stunt double, but youd better practice on your own.”

Shi Xi nodded and blinked her eyes.

“Dont worry.

Martial arts scenes wont be difficult for me.”

“Thats right.

The problem will be the stunt double.” Han Chuan did not know that Shi Xi knew ancient martial arts.

He looked at the time and said, “I still have something to do.

Remember to train your body and memorize your lines.

Dont get fat!”

Shi XI: “Okay.”

Han Chuan: “Did you go to the gym today”

Shi Xi changed into her sportswear and went to the gym with tears in her eyes.

She failed to slack off.

When she came back from the gym, Shi Xi happened to bump into Xie Yunzhou.

“Eh Youre back so early today” Shi Xi was slightly surprised.

At first, she suspected that Xie Yunzhou liked her, but later, she found out that Xie Yunzhou went out early and came back late.

He was completely here to work.

“I came back to look for you.” Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xi with a twinkle in his eyes.

The girl was beautiful to begin with.

Her pink hair was tied into a single ponytail and she wore a cap.

Even if she was wearing a tracksuit, it couldnt stop her beauty.

Shi Xis eyes widened.

“Ah Why are you looking for me”


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