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After Shen Hanquan introduced the rules for this round of promotion, he began to announce the rankings.

Shi Xi stood next to him, and the two of them alternated to announce the trainees who had advanced.

Looking at the list of trainees, Shi Xi was a little surprised.

There were some trainees in the middle.

They were very strong, and their personalities werent bad either.

However, their rankings were very low, and they hadnt even advanced.

On the initial stage, the trainees who had been marked with an asterisk, regardless of their strength or popularity, almost all advanced.

Hearing the trainees who advanced either crying or laughing, Shi Xi sighed in her heart.

Perhaps they themselves did not know how much effort their company had put in.

This was the market for capital selection.

The audience could always choose the few.

When he announced the top nine, Shi Xis eyes lit up.

This ranking was truly unexpected.

“The fifth place chosen by the [Star Idol]s producers — Pei Jie!” Shi Xi smiled faintly as she announced Pei Jies ranking.

Last week, Pei Jie was still in the top three, but this time, he had fallen to fifth place.

As expected, the ranking had changed, and it was precarious.

Pei Jie pursed his lips slightly and calmly walked onto the stage.

He thanked the fans who supported him and expressed his hope.

“The position I want is not just fifth place.”

Shi Xi tilted her head to look at him and nodded to herself.

Compared to the first time she met Pei Jie, the current Pei Jie was much better at speaking and behaving.

After Pei Jie expressed his thoughts, he walked to fifth place and took his seat.

Shen Hanquan announced fourth place.

After that, it was time to announce the top three.

Shi Xi looked at her card.

She didnt expect it to be so coincidental.

“Third place… Bai Cangyang.”

When Bai Cangyangs name was read out, all the trainees present were stunned.

“Third place How did he fall to third place”

“I thought he was first.”

“Bai Cangyang was first every week before this, right First straight is actually third place Is there a mistake”


Under everyones incredulous gazes, Bai Cangyang maintained his poise and walked onto the stage to give his speech.

He was neither proud nor discouraged.

He was strong when faced with strong opponents.

Shi Xi knew that Bai Cangyang was the C spot that the program team wanted, and Bai Cangyang had also accepted the script.

Not only was he outstanding, but he was also hardworking.

If such a person wasnt popular, then who was

Finally, it was time to reveal the top two spots in the first round.

Li Jinfan, the sunshine big boy, was handsome and bright.

He was born with vocal skills and worked hard to practice his dance, never dragging his feet.

Jiang Haiyu was a handsome choreographer who had changed careers.

He was an excellent dancer and a leader-type member.

He had a strong and overbearing personality, but he was still gentle.

He was the teams compass.

Both of them were very outstanding and popular trainees.

The other trainees held their breaths as they waited for the results to be released.

Shen Hanquan announced, “The trainee who obtained the first place in the voting for the producers of [Star Idol] is–”

The lights on the stage flickered, and the background music played, bringing the atmosphere to the highest point.

Shen Hanquan: “Congratulations, Li Jinfan!”

All the lights on the stage fell on Li Jinfan.

At that moment, the white lights fell on him, as if a god had descended.

Li Jinfan exhaled and smiled slightly, looking at Shi Xi.

He was so outstanding.

Sister Xi should praise him, right

However, Shi Xi just clapped according to the flow and said, “At the same time, congratulations to the second-ranked trainee, Jiang Haiyu.”

“Please let Jiang Haiyu give his speech first.”

The speeches were all from the back to the front.

Li Jinfan stared at Shi Xi, his heart heavy.

Why didnt she congratulate him

After Jiang Haiyu finished speaking, Li Jinfan thanked his fans, his teachers, and even specifically mentioned Shi Xi.


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