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Sheng Yan looked up slightly and asked, “Was it your suggestion to cancel the engagement party”

He had never been clear about the Shi familys operation, nor did he understand what Shi Xi was thinking.

In the past, Shi Xi had been following behind him and had gone to great lengths to marry him.

However, ever since the Shi familys true daughter, Ning Yu, had returned, Shi Xi seemed to have become a different person.

She avoided him and did many things that she would never have done in the past.

The Shi family proposed the engagement first, and Shi Xi acquiesced.

Then, the Shi family wanted to postpone the engagement.

Sheng Yan wanted to know what the Shi family wanted to do and what exactly was Shi Xi thinking

Shi Xi wanted to say something, but she stopped.

Finally, she said, “Just take it as my intention.”

“What do you meanjust take it as your intention” Sheng Yan narrowed his eyes.

“You dont want to be engaged to me”

“My parents were the ones who single-handedly brokered the engagement with you back then.

Now, delaying the engagement is also their decision.” Shi Xi thought about how much the Shi family doted on her.

She began to think from a macro perspective.

“Is the Sheng family about to close down, so my parents are going to cancel the engagement”

Sheng Yan: “…”

She really knew how to talk.

She was not allowed to speak anymore.

“The business of Shengshi Jewelry is expanding to Yanjing.

How could it close down” Sheng Yan drank half a cup of tea to prevent himself from being angered to death by Shi Xi.

“Eh The Sheng family is thriving day by day.

My parents should be in a hurry to get me married off.” Shi Xi fell into deep thought.

It was obvious that she did not understand why the Shi family wanted to delay the engagement party.

It was Shi Xu who had called her back then and informed her about the delay of the engagement party.

Shi Xi could not wait to get away from the male lead.

She did not even ask for the reason.

“So, you dont want to get engaged with me” Sheng Yan did not care about the Shi familys considerations.

He came to find Shi Xi only to ask for Shi Xis thoughts.

Shi Xi smiled awkwardly.

“Were friends… and Im still young.

I dont want to get engaged so soon.”

Such a reply could be considered a tactful rejection of the engagement.

“Since you and I dont want to get engaged, then cancel it.” Sheng Yans eyes were indifferent.

He directly skipped the delayed engagement party and wanted to cancel the engagement between the two families.

He could see that there was no admiration in Shi Xis eyes when she looked at him.

If that was the case, they might as well cancel the engagement.

He was clearly the one who had been troubled by the engagement.

“Theres nothing wrong with me.” Shi Xi picked up the teacup and lowered her long eyelashes.

“However, Im not my parents biological daughter.

The one who should be engaged to you should be Ning Yu.”

Not her, Shi Xi.

Sheng Yan snorted coldly.

“Are you trying to say that this has nothing to do with you”

Shi Xi tilted her head and looked at him.

“Its a little strange.”

“How is it strange” Sheng Yan frowned.

“Didnt you want to break off the engagement with me in the past You even hid from me.” Shi Xis eyes were black and bright as she stared at Sheng Yan.

“Why do you suddenly care about my thoughts”

Sheng Yans heart skipped a beat.

He said in a deep voice, “I just dont want to be tormented by your Shi family.

I want to resolve the issue of the engagement as soon as possible.”

“I see.” Shi Xi tapped the rim of the cup with her index finger and said in a troubled manner, “But I cant make the decision on this matter! Ill listen to my parents.”

Sheng Yan said, “You really listen to your parents!”

Shi Xi added, “You also listen to my brother.”

Sheng Yan: “…”

“Then lets postpone the engagement party first!” Shi Xi made a decision.

She said, “Its not like were getting married anyway.

A man like you wont lose out.”

Sheng Yan looked at Shi Xi and wanted to say something.

In the end, he said in a muffled voice, “Ill take care of it.”

It was obvious that Shi Xi did not want to get engaged with him.

That would be the best.

He did not want to marry Shi Xi in the first place.




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