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The players on the stage thought the same, but they were recording, so they couldnt say whatever they wanted to say.

They could only ignore it.

Brother Dao changed the topic and smiled.

“Xi Xi didnt save anyone on the first night.

Instead, she poisoned Nan Yi.

Is there a reason for that” Could it be that she could tell that she was a bad player

Shi Xi, who was eating chicken wings: …At least wait for me to finish eating!

Bai Cangyang, who was sitting next to Shi Xi, saw that she was still eating, so he helped her out.

“Im also very curious.

Why did Teacher Shi Xi poison me in the end”

Bai Cangyang was also a werewolf, but he thought that his disguise was perfect.

Shi Xi finally finished eating the chicken wings.

“Thats because Pei Jie was a good person at the time, yet you still wanted to check on him.

You wanted to confirm whether he was a god or a citizen.”

“I guess this skill card was used on Player Number 10.

After you confirmed that he was a hunter, you killed him.”

“After that, Ning Yu pretended to be a hunter.

It was also because you confirmed that there were no hunters on the field that she boldly wore the clothes of a hunter.”

Bai Cangyang nodded.

“Pei Jies performance was like a priest.

We originally wanted to check on him, but after some discussion, we decided to check on Number 10.”

Brother Dao: “I also want to know who revived Nan Yi”

Number 10 raised his hand.

After that, they replayed the actions of the other players in the game.

Shi Xi did not participate in it and just ate the food on the plate in front of her in peace.

In the later stages of the game, she even cut out the food from the plate and used a separate circle.

While everyone else was speaking with confidence, Shi Xi ate and ate in the circle in the upper left corner.


Shi Xi was eating.


Shi Xi was drinking juice.


Shi Xi looked at her empty plate and then looked at Bai Cangyangs plate.

Bai Cangyang was here to participate in the program and to show off.

He didnt even eat the food he took.

Sensing Shi Xis gaze, Bai Cangyang looked at his plate and silently pushed it over.

Shi Xis eyes curved.

“Thank you.”

Bullet comments: [F*ck! How can I be like Shi Xi How can I not gain weight if I eat more!]

[How can I eat as much as Shi Xi and still maintain my figure]

[Is Shi Xi here to participate in the werewolf killing or a food show Why is she eating all the time]

[Doesnt a beauty have a small stomach]

Shi XI finished eating all four plates.

Her small avatar was placed at the corner of the screen.

She would occasionally nod her head when she heard other peoples comments.

Then, she continued eating.

The screen zoomed in and zoomed out again.

Han Chuan held the tablet and looked at Shi Xi who was about to lick the plates on the screen.

He asked with a cold face, “Are you that hungry”

Shi Xi smiled awkwardly and said, “I was very hungry that day.”

She had been sent over by Han Chuan that day.

She had only eaten an egg for breakfast and could not have lunch at noon.

So when she saw the program team preparing food, Shi Xis eyes lit up.

She just did not expect that the program team would release a video of her eating!

Did she not care about her face!

She really did not eat more than a pig!

Although there were four plates, there was only a little food on each plate.

Han Chuans face was cold.

“How much do you weigh now”

Shi Xi did not dare to say anything.

Han Chuan sighed.

“Were trying to get you a role for a supporting actress for a star-rated drama.

You dont want to go through an interview with a steamed buns face, do you”

“How cute is a steamed buns face” Shi Xi whispered.

“Why didnt you say that a beer belly is cute” Han Chuan could not take it anymore.

Shi Xi raised her hand and said, “Ill definitely go on a diet and exercise.

Ill lose weight!”

Han Chuan suppressed his anger and continued to watch the program.

After watching the bullet screen for a while, Han Chuan touched his chin and said, “Why dont I market you as a glutton”



[The identities of the werewolf game are as follows:

Villagers: No.

1 Pei Jie, No.

8 Passerby Host, No.

11 Nan Yi, No.

12 Passerby.

God: No.

4 Shi Xi Witch, No.

5 Host Seer, No.

7 Female Host Guard, No.

10 Senior Hunter.

Werewolf: No.

2 Li Jinfan, No.

3 Bai Cangyang, No.

6 Host Brother Dao, No.

9 Ning Yu]


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