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After listening to Nan Yis speech, everyone had different expressions.

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair and was extremely speechless.

She did not expect this cannon fodder to be even worse at playing than her.

The bullet screen was also filled with confusion.

[This young lady doesnt know how to play, right]

[Shouldnt we find people who understand the rules to participate in the game As soon as this woman opened her mouth, we could tell that she doesnt know how to play!]

[To think that I felt sorry for her just now.

I feel its not unjust for Shi Xi to poison her to death.]

[Shi Xis poison is good.

Im willing to fork out money to buy her another bottle of poison!]


Although the audience had a gods perspective, they wouldnt be able to see everyones identity.

The program team would edit it rationally to keep everyones appetite in check.

For example, when the seer was killed, Shi Xi didnt save them.

Instead, she poisoned Nan Yi to death.

The program team made their identities clear, showing the game from the perspective of a good person.

As for the werewolfs identity, it would only be revealed after they were eliminated.

After Nan Yi finished speaking, it was Ning Yus turn to speak.

Ning Yus eyes were indifferent as she calmly analyzed the situation on the stage.

“Those who get the Resurrection Card are players.

If they are from the good side, they will revive the seer, which is Player Number 2.”

“If the werewolves get the Resurrection Card, they will definitely resurrect their companions.

Just now, Nan Yi didnt mention her identity.

I suspect that Nan Yi was resurrected by her werewolf companions.”

“My identity is a hunter.

If you insist on voting for me in this round, then I will shoot and take Nan Yi away.”

Ning Yu calmly spoke, gaining the trust of the players behind her.

The identity of a hunter was something that a werewolf could not pretend to be.

This was because after a hunter was eliminated, they could shoot to eliminate a player, but they could only shoot this one time.

The players who were eliminated previously did not shoot, which meant that the hunter was still on the field.

After Ning Yu spoke, no hunter jumped out, which meant that the hunter was Ning Yu.

It was time for Shi Xi to speak.

Shi Xi twirled the pen in her hand and said lazily, “I didnt get any clues about the werewolves this round.

Lets see if there are any hunters fighting against each other.”

“Also, Bai Cangyang got an Identification Card.

I want to know the results of his investigation.”

Everyones eyes fell on Bai Cangyang again.

When it was Bai Cangyangs turn, Bai Cangyang swept his gaze over and said, “The person I chose to investigate is Pei Jie.

Hes a good person.”

Bai Cangyang sent Pei Jie a good person card.

Shi Xis rotating pen stopped for a moment before she continued to rotate the pen again, waiting for the final vote.

Nan Yi voted for Ning Yu.

The others all voted for Nan Yi.

Nan Yi was eliminated the moment she was resurrected.

On the screen, Nan Yis head had just turned bright-colored when it turned dark again.

Bullet comments: [This woman doesnt know how to play.

Shes just giving her head away.]

[Is it okay to step on the hunter directly Thats hilarious.]

[As expected, the damage comes from comparison.

With such a comparison, Shi Xi is much more normal.]

[Ah! Ah! Ah! Who are the remaining two wolves! It feels like everyone is a wolf!]

[Number 7 is definitely a wolf.

Qin Coco has always been hidden, so she must be a wolf.]

[Ah, it feels like Coco is from the good guys camp.]


The comments on the bullet screen went wild, and the game continued.

Shi Xi analyzed the situation on the field.

There were only five people left in the game.

And there were probably two wolves inside!

In that case, they had to find a skill card and eliminate one wolf.

Otherwise, if the werewolves killed one at night and threw one out during the day, they would definitely win!

Shi Xi tried hard to find the card, but they were clearly playing in the same scenario, yet she didnt get a single card!

This was ridiculous!

Shi Xi went straight to Pei Jie, wanting to ask him what he had found and what cards he had found.

Among the remaining players, she could only confirm Pei Jies identity.

Pei Jie did not trust Shi Xi.


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