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Mother Sheng was both angry and amused.

“Xiao Xi, you and Sheng Yan are childhood sweethearts.

Youre the best match.

I watched you grow up.

Youre beautiful and sensible.

We like you too much.

Why would we break off the engagement now”

Shi Xi was touched, but she had to break off the engagement!

“Thank you, Uncle and Auntie.

Its just that Sheng Yan and I are fated to be apart.

Breaking off the engagement has nothing to do with my identity,” Shi Xi said firmly.

Sheng Yan leaned against the sofa and played with the lighter in his hand.

His eyes were languid and indifferent.

“In that case, the engagement between us is nullified.”

He would never give Shi Xi the chance to retreat in order to advance!

“You unfilial son, shut up!” Father Sheng said angrily.

“Sheng Yan, did you bully Xiao Xi and ask her to cancel the engagement” Mother Sheng guessed from the side.

Sheng Yan didnt even light his cigarette.

He frowned and denied, “I didnt.”

Shi Xi also explained from the side, “This is my own decision.

It has nothing to do with Sheng Yan.”

Father Sheng became even angrier.

“Xiao Xi, dont speak up for him! Today, Ill beat him up and let him know whos in charge of the Sheng Family!”

Sheng Yan: “!”

Seeing that Father Sheng was really going to make a move, Shi Xi hurriedly stopped him.

“Uncle, calm down.

This is really me–”

Halfway through her sentence, Shi Xi accidentally touched Father Shengs hair.

Hence, she knocked Father Shengs wig off.


The scene was stunned once again.

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Shi Xi picked up the wig and returned it to Father Sheng with both hands.

“Im sorry, Uncle.

I didnt do it on purpose!”


Father Sheng: “…”

Mother Sheng quickly eased the atmosphere.

“Its alright, its alright.

Lets go to the dining room first.”

Shi Xi carried her bag and quickly ran away.

Mother Sheng and Shi Xi got closer and her big gold bracelet was attached to Shi Xis bag.

Mother Sheng lowered her head in confusion.

Shi Xi was stunned and took out the magnet bracelet she had bought from her bag.


Without the barrier between the bags, the magnet bracelet was happily attached to Mother Shengs big gold bracelet.


Three minutes later.

Shi Xi and Sheng Yan stood at the entrance of the Sheng Family home.

The two of them had complicated feelings.

They looked at each other and saw the complicated feelings in each others eyes.

Father Sheng and Mother Sheng were not in a good mood, so they did not stay for dinner.

The fact that they were not kicked out was already the greatest tolerance of the elders toward the younger generation.

Sheng Yan glanced at Shi Xi and said coldly, “Stop putting on airs.

No matter how much you try to act miserable, I wont marry you.”

“I still want to act miserable Im really miserable, okay” Shi Xi thought about her experiences in the past few days — it was really too miserable!

It was so miserable that it could be classified as a torture article even if it was written into a novel.

“Heh, if you want to talk about misery, the Shi Familys biological daughter who has switched lives with you is the one who is miserable, right” Sheng Yan said coldly.

In Sheng Yans opinion, Shi Xi came here today to break off the engagement because she wanted to act miserable so that the Sheng Familys parents could quickly get engaged to the two of them.

Shi Xi was silent for a moment and said, “Everyone is quite miserable.

Take you for example.

You cant even make the decision for your own engagement.

Arent you miserable”

Sheng Yan was furious.


Shi Xi spread out her hands.

“Besides, I used to be the favored daughter of the heavens.

Now, Ive become a fake daughter overnight.

I dont know how others will laugh at me behind my back.”

Sheng Yan didnt say anything else.

Shi Xi was his nominal fiancée.

Many people had been looking for him in private, asking him to cancel the engagement as soon as possible and draw a clear line with the fake daughter.

“Dont worry.

I know you dont like me.

I wont pester you anymore.” Shi Xi looked at the time.

“Im leaving first.”

Sheng Yan said sullenly, “Ill send you off.”

The Sheng Familys villa was far away, so it was not easy to take a taxi.

Shi Xi did not refuse and got into Sheng Yans car.

Before getting out of the car, Shi Xi wanted to say something but hesitated.

In the end, she advised, “You have to take care of your hair too!”


Baldness was inherited.



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