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Bai Cangyang walked over from the side.

At 1.85 meters tall, he saw the card on the tree and reached out to take it down.

Shi Xi was dumbfounded.

What happened just now

Was there a card on that tree

The bullet screen was filled with laughter:

[Shi Xi is starting to doubt life.

Why didnt she see it Shes been sitting here for five minutes already.]

[Even if she saw it, its useless.

Shi Xi cant reach it.



[Bai Cangyang is really tall and handsome.

I love him so much!]


After Bai Cangyang received the card, he looked at Shi Xi and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Teacher Shi Xi.”

Shi Xi endured the humiliation and stood up to ask, “What clues are written on the card”

Bai Cangyang looked at the introduction on the card and said, “This is a skill card.

It can 100% identify a players identity.”

The skill of a prophet could only determine whether a player was good or bad.

And the identification skill could know the specific identity of the player, which was more beneficial to the werewolf.

Shi Xi asked, “Then who do you want to investigate”

Bai Cangyang looked at Shi Xi and said embarrassedly, “I think Teacher Shi Xi looks like a werewolf.

Im going to investigate Teacher Shi Xis identity.”

Shi Xi said, “It would be a waste to check my identity.

Lets find someone who looks like a werewolf.”

She was a good citizen.

Bai Cangyang added, “Then, lets check Pei Jie.”

Shi Xi said, “Pei Jie is also a good person.”

Bai Cangyang said, “…Teacher Shi Xi, if you say that, itll make me think that all of you are wolves.

Youre protecting each other and dont want me to check your identities.”

Shi Xi sat back down and said, “Hey, feel free to check.”

It was Bai Cangyang who found the card anyway.

Bai Cangyang asked, “Teacher Shi Xi, do you want to go with me to check the results”

Shi Xi: “If you want to check on Pei Jie, then I wont go.”

She had already confirmed that Pei Jie was a villager, so there was no need for her to go with him.

“Who does Teacher Shi Xi want to check on” Bai Cangyang asked.

“Who do you think looks like a wolf”

Shi Xi thought back to the statements made by everyone during the two meetings.

What the h*ll was she thinking about!

She wasnt paying attention at all!

Shi Xi sighed.

“Just look up anyone.”

It didnt matter to anyone.

Could she say that she didnt even recognize the 12 people

Bai Cangyangs fingertips turned the card around, but he still insisted on his own thoughts.

“Then Ill go investigate Pei Jie.”

Hearing his words, Shi Xi did not move at all.

Forget it, it did not matter if he won or lost.

Let someone with brains play.

She, a player without brains, would just wait for her death quietly.

Third meeting.

After everyone took their seats, the announcement sounded:

“During this party, Player Number 8 and Player Number 10 died.”

The men in black went up and brought the two players away.

The announcement sounded again, “During this party, the player used a Resurrection Card and successfully resurrected Player Number 11.”

“Player Number 11, please go on stage!”

A cheerful background music sounded.

Nan Yi walked in with light steps and gently waved to everyone on stage, “Im back!”

Shi Xi was so shocked that she sat up straight.

She was poisoned to death, but she could still be resurrected

That was ridiculous!!

Moreover, if she could be resurrected, then so be it.

Why did they have to resurrect this useless thing

Shi Xi had nothing left to live for.

Nan Yi sat down with a smile on her face, her face beaming with joy.

The voice of the broadcast rang out.

“The participants for this meeting are all here.

The meeting begins!”

Nan Yi began to speak.

Nan Yi sat up straight and said righteously, “Ning Yu is a wolf!”

“She has a grudge against me, so the first night I was killed, she must have done it!

“In this round, well vote Ning Yu out!”


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