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“This sentence came from Wei Zhengs90% Gong Li Quan Ming.” Shi Xi stared at the words on it and fell into deep thought.

Pei Jie fell silent.

He didnt understand a single word.

Ever since he signed a contract with the management company, he hadnt studied culture seriously anymore.

If the clues involved these things, then he definitely wouldnt understand it!

Shi Xi continued, “Although it was written by Wei Zheng, the regular script was written by Ouyang Xunshu and has been passed down to the world… Regular script… Pei Jie, are you a villager”

Shi Xi directly asked.

Pei Jie did not hide anything and nodded.


Shi Xi flipped through the card.

“The program teams clues are so profound!” She had thought that Pei Jie was a god.

She had not expected him to be a villager.

Bullet comments: [Shi Xi knows so much.

Ive never even heard of this.]

[Shi Xi is a liberal arts student.

Its not strange that she knows this, right]

[Im also a liberal arts student.

I didnt know that.]

[Is it difficult to admit someone elses excellence Shi Xi has a wide range of knowledge.

Whats there to be jealous about]

[My expression is exactly the same as Pei Jies.

Im completely dumbfounded.]

[Hahaha, me too! I can feel Pei Jies awkwardness and despair through the screen.

What on earth is she talking about How does she know so much]

As the director edited this segment, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

This was not how he had set it up in the first place.

The font on the card wasregular script, which implied that Pei Jie was a villager.

It was that simple.

He did not expect that Shi Xi would make such a big detour.

Even more unexpected was that Shi Xi was right!

The camera cut to the other side.

The werewolves gathered together to discuss tonights target.

Target locked: Shi Xi.

Bullet comments: [How tragic.

Shi Xi is a witch and has a bottle of antidote.]

[Why do I feel a little pity for this group of wolves]

[Im curious if Shi Xi really knows or not.]


It was time for the meeting.

There were only nine people left in the original 12 person meeting.

Narrator: “Dear players, during the time of the party just now, Player 2 and Player 12 were killed.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“Why are there two more dead Could it be that the witch has two bottles of poison”

“Dont witches use antidotes”

“How did they die”

The bullet screen was also filled with shock.

This had already exceeded their understanding of the rules of the game.

At the beginning of the speech, everyone had ulterior motives and looked at others with suspicion.

Shi Xi sat up straight and said, “Just now, I found a green card that can prove that Pei Jie is a good person.”

“After that, Pei Jie and I used a Death Note Skill Card to send Number 2 away.

Why did we send Number 2 away Wait for Pei Jies explanation.”

Player Number 2: Li Jinfan.

It was Pei Jies idea to eliminate Li Jinfan.

From the previous discussions, Pei Jie could tell that Li Jinfan was a wolf, so he did not hesitate to send Li Jinfan away.

The death of player Number 12 was the result of the hunter obtaining the card to activate the skill ahead of time and sending away the innocent, pitiful, simple, and kind villager.

“Lets continue the party–”

The variety show in the [Werewolf Game] was based on werewolf killing, and many interesting games were added, such as searching for clues and skill cards.

In this mode, the difficulty of the game was deepened.

When she went to look for clues again, Shi Xi sat on the bench and didnt move.

She couldnt find them anyway.

She might as well not look.

The camera zoomed out.

On the branch opposite the bench, there was a card.

Shi Xi: turn a blind eye.

It was because she really didnt see it.


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