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Other female stars: the darling of fashion.

Shi Xi: the darling of e-commerce.

Something didnt feel right.

Shi Xi didnt care about the comments on the internet.

She was too busy learning how to play Werewolf to read the comments on the Internet.

Even if she did, she wouldnt care.

The car drove Shi Xi directly to the recording site of the Werewolf game.

The first ranking for [Star Idol] had yet to be announced, so this time, they chose the top three of the week:

Bai Cangyang, Li Jinfan, and Pei Jie.

Shi Xi knew that Bai Cangyang and Li Jinfan were very popular.

As five-star contestants on the program team, it was not surprising that they could be in the top three.

However, Shi Xi did not expect Pei Jie to be in third place.

Even though it was a weekly ranking, it was still very impressive!

Although Werewolf game was a low-budget variety show, each episode would have a theme that was as unique as possible.

Because the program was well-produced and the content was interesting, it attracted many loyal variety fans.

In this episode, the Werewolf games theme was a swimming pool party.

All the players wore swimsuits to show off their good figures, which added a bit of coolness to the hot summer days and nine points of eye candy.

The four regular hosts came on stage one by one to introduce todays guests:

“Because of her beauty, the popularity idol mentor — Shi Xi!”

The camera aimed at the spot where she appeared and shot from the bottom up.

Her slender and straight legs, her slim waist that did not have a single bit of fat, and her skin that was as white as milk that made people want to get their hands on her.

Cough, cough.

The bright yellow floral bathing suit wrapped around the girls figure, and she wore white chiffon long sleeves.

Her long pink hair fell on her chest, covering the spring light.

Although it was a swimming pool party, the program team did not dare to let the guests wear too revealingly.

They chose clothes that could accentuate their figure and pass the censor.

The girls makeup was exquisite, and her eyes were dark and bright.

Her eyeliner was slightly raised, adding a bit of enchantment and charm.

Shi Xi waved her hand to greet them, and her smile was pure and gentle.

She didnt reveal anything, but she looked fresh and refined.

This scene was directly captured by the director and placed on the cover of this episodes variety show.

Because of this cover, the number of hits on this episode of [Werewolf Game] had increased exponentially.

The number of views in a single episode had exceeded 100 million, which was even higher than the total views of the previous episodes combined!

And after Shi Xi appeared, the fans on the bullet screen mercilessly mocked the haters.

[Haha, Shi Xi doesnt have a variety show.

Why did she slap their faces so quickly]

[Not only is Shi Xi beautiful, her figure is also good.

Whos angry to death So the anti-fans are angry to death.]

[Shes officially recognized as a popularity idol mentor.

Tsk tsk.]

[Hehe, she can only appear in this kind of small variety show.

Does a big variety show like Shi Xi]

[Its only played for three minutes, and the hatchet man is already here Theyre really faster than the fans!]


The next to appear was the top three of this week in [Star Idol].

Bai Cangyang, Li Jinfan, and Pei Jie were all-rounded and outgoing.

The three of them had very different personalities.

The only similarity was that they were handsome and attractive.

When they walked out together, the air was filled with a strong youthful aura.

The host, Brother Dao, applauded and said, “So handsome! Theyre just a little worse than me.”

The female host, Qin Coco, looked at him and said mercilessly, “You and they are only one reincarnation away.”

Brother Dao covered his heart and said, “Lets just start over again.”

Qin Coco led the host on the right track and said with a smile, “Alright, lets give a round of applause to the gamers of this episode.

They are friends from Yanjing Universitys summer camp.”

Shi Xis eyes widened when she saw the gamers walking over.

Why was Ning Yu here!


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