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@Shi Xi: [Everyone is asking about hairy crabs.

The link is here.

The livestream link is [picture].]

Not only did she post the link, but it was also accompanied by photos of spicy crabs taken in the afternoon and Shi Xi dragging a basket of hairy crabs.

Immediately, there were anti-fans jumping around: [As expected, she wants to sell goods, hehe.]

[Other female celebrities sell brand-name cosmetics and clothes, but you sell hairy crabs]

[The business you take on isnt that good, but you cant be this bad.

Why do you need to take on hairy crab advertisements]

The haters jumped up and down.

The fans had already clicked into the livestream room and started buying hairy crabs.

Tao Yuxuan saw the number of people in the livestream room soar and said in surprise, “So many people Are you buying fans”

She was familiar with the operation of buying fans!

The staff member raised his sign: [The ones on the shelves now are more than five taels of hairy crabs.

You can place your order now.]

After Tao Yuxuan read it, she began to express himself freely.

“Old friends, hurry up and buy! Shi Xi has the same type of hairy crabs! If you buy it, youll make a profit!”

In the livestream room: [There isnt.]


[What link]

This was Tao Yuxuans first time selling goods in a live broadcast.

When she saw the question in the live broadcast room, she said to the staff member, “Old friends, the link isnt up yet.”

Watching the live broadcast, Shi Xi:…Why did you call them old friends so naturally

Tao Yuxuan had already completely blended into the live broadcast with the goods.

The staff member said in surprise, “Its already sold out.

It was sold out in 11 seconds! Now, lets open a new link.”

Tao Yuxuan looked at the screen and said, “Brothers, youre awesome!”

Shi Xi had initially thought that if she could not sell it, she would let Tao Yuxuan buy it and give them away.

In the end, she did not expect the sale to go very smoothly.

In less than ten minutes, the hairy crabs were all sold out.

Tao Yuxuan had nothing to do and started to livestream eating crabs.

Shi Xi had underestimated her ability to carry goods and had also underestimated her influence.

This was because there were still haters jumping under the Weibo page where she carried goods.

[Shi Xis resources are really bad.

Without a business endorsement or variety show, she can only live broadcast and sell hairy crabs.]

[Haha, she even accepts such a business.

Shi Xi is really lousy.]

[If she cant receive the resources of the fashion circle, its useless no matter how good-looking she is.

Last time on the red carpet, she couldnt even borrow a big-name gown.]

[Isnt Shi Xi rich and beautiful You cant borrow a big-name gown]

[Shi Xi is a fake heiress! Her parents are both from the countryside.

Shi Xi should have been a peasant girl from the countryside.

A peasant girl endorsing hairy crabs is a perfect match.]

The anti-fans were hopping.

Zhen, the passerby fans were thanking Shi Xi.

[Thank you, great beauty, for allowing me to snatch the hairy crab! Great beauty, good karma!]

[Its so big! Its even bigger than the streamers face!]

[The streamer is already eating the hairy crab.

Its so fragrant.]

[Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob.

Im so angry that I didnt manage to snatch it.]

[Even if Shi Xi is a fake heiress, shes still better off than the haters.

Dont be jealous.]

After pulling back and forth, Shi Xi was once again out of the limelight.

After that, the buyers who received the hairy crabs felt that they had made a profit by buying it.

They turned into dragon springs hairy crab Shi Xis loyal fans.

Tao Yuxuan also received a lot of attention because of this live broadcast, but she was not happy at all because the staff sold all the hairy crabs and did not leave a basket for her.

This city, oh no, this village had another sad person.

The staff and villagers next to her were very happy.

Only Tao Yuxuan was disappointed.

The joys and sorrows of humans were not the same.

Tao Yuxuan only wanted to eat hairy crabs.


After the hairy crab incident, Han Chuan received many invitations to bring goods for live broadcasts.

Even the live broadcast of the hairy crabs that Shi Xi had led was used as an example by the e-commerce industry because of its high sales and instant sales.

Shi Xi instantly became the darling of the e-commerce industry.

Han Chuan: Shi Xis strange way of leaving the circle.


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