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After the recording ended, Shi Xi found out that she was trending.

Han Chuan was a little speechless about the trending searches on Shi Xi.

When female celebrities were trending, they would go crazy on the red carpet.

The trending search on Shi Xi was that the hairy crabs were huge.

Was Shi Xi not better looking than the hairy crabs

But even Tao Yuxuan couldnt help but ask Shi Xi: [The hairy crabs are really big.

Where did you buy them]

Shi Xi: [They raised them at home.]

Tao Yuxuan: [The Shi family is starting to engage in aquaculture How come I didnt know about it]

[No wonder you were asked to promote it.

To produce it at home, and to promote it as a celebrity… Wonderful!]

Shi Xi: [Not the Shi family.

My biological parents raised it in the village.]

Tao Yuxuan stared at it for a while before replying: [Can you get me a basket Im hungry.]

Shi Xi: [Wait for me to go back and ask.]

After scrolling through the comments on Weibo for a while, Shi Xi made a video call to Mother Ning.

“Its Xi Xi.

Did you eat the hairy crabs that Ning Yu brought for you How is it” Mother Ning looked at Shi Xi across from her.

“Eat more meat.

Look, youve lost weight again.”

Han Chuan sat at the side and could not help but mutter, “Shes obviously gained weight.”

Shi Xi ignored Han Chuan beside her and said, “The hairy crabs are very delicious.

Are these raised by the village”

She remembered that Mother Ning had said that these were all raised by Long Quan Village.

But at that time, Shi Xi did not ask in detail.

Mother Ning said, “Yes, it was Ning Yu who said that she wanted to help the villagers become rich and set up a hairy crab farm.

Its just that there are too many of them now, and theyre charging a low price for the crabs.

That price is too low!”

“Ning Yu said that she would find some streamer to do a live broadcast and bring in the goods.

In the end, the equipment was all set up, but that streamer felt that this place was too far away, so she didnt come.

“They were selling it live, but they couldnt sell it no matter how hard they tried.

Right now, the village is still thinking about how to deal with this batch of hairy crabs.”

Mother Ning was someone who liked to chatter, so she unknowingly spoke a lot more.

Shi Xi could not help but ask, “You cant even sell such a big hairy crab”

That was ridiculous.

Mother Ning said, “I picked the biggest ones for you.

The others are not this big.”

Shi Xi:…No wonder.

“The others are not small either.

Its just that those crab harvesters see that we are easy to bully, so they are pressuring our prices.” Mother Ning said indignantly, “This group of black-hearted businessmen!”

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “You said just now that the equipment for the live broadcast to bring the goods has been set up”

“Yeah.” Mother Ning lowered her voice.

“The people that Ning Yu found are pretty good.

They even helped us pack when they came.

Its that streamer.

She said that she would come, but in the end, she didnt come.”

The people that Ning Yu found were definitely reliable.

As for the streamer acting like a big shot…

Shi Xi smiled and said, “Ill help you recommend someone to bring the goods.

Shell definitely be able to do it well.”

Mother Ning: “En”

Three hours later.

Long Quan Village.

The car stopped.

Tao Yuxuan got out of the car and took off her sunglasses.

She felt as if she was in the countryside.

Oh, she was indeed in the countryside.

The village chief and Mother Ning came over to welcome her and brought Tao Yuxuan to the live broadcast room.

Tao Yuxuan sent a message to Shi Xi: [What if I cant sell it]

Shi Xi: [If you cant sell it, then you can buy it all yourself.]

Tao Yuxuan: “!”

‘Alright, I dont have a lot of things, but I have money.

Shi Xi asked Tao Yuxuan to open the live broadcast room and sell the goods as usual.

The live broadcast team was very cooperative, as expected of the team that Ning Yu found.

Tao Yuxuan opened the live broadcast and the number of viewers: 1

This 1, it was Tao Yuxuans own mobile phone that entered.

Tao Yuxuan: I will show you hairy crabs

Shi Xi duly posted a Weibo, promoting the livestream room.


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