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Shi Xis eyes widened.

“Shuo Nans advertisement fees are also higher than mine”

Han Chuan was surprised.

“How can you compete with him”

The sharp knife of language stabbed into Shi Xis chest.

“Why cant I compete with him Am I not more popular than him” Shi Xi was indignant.

“Shuo Nan is the youngest champion of [King of Dance].

Apart from learning breakdancing, he also went to the Dance Academy to further his studies.

Whether its his strength or popularity, he is currently the top performer in the dance industry,” Han Chuan said in a low voice.

“I heard that he rejected several male lead roles from the production team and only wanted to focus on dancing.”

Right now, be it singers or idols, they were all turning into actors.

It was as if only movies and television dramas were work only.

But Shuo Nan had always insisted on being active on stage.

This made Han Chuan admire him a little.

Shi Xi gave up comparing herself to Shuo Nan.

She leaned back in her chair and asked, “Arent there any other variety shows that have invited me”

Han Chuan replied, “Yes, but Shi Xu always said that I cant accept too many jobs for you.”

“My brother” Shi Xi tilted her head and looked over.

Shi Xu was so devoted to her

Han Chuan nodded.

“Shi Xu always said that I cant let you work too hard and it cant affect your studies.

You should still remember that you still have to go to school.”

Shi Xi: “I know.

Im now a female high school student that everyone loves.

Next month, Ill be a female college student whos a game killer.”

Han Chuan: “”

‘Youre quite accurate in your positioning.

And when Shi Xi thought about how she was going to go to Haicheng to study next month, but she still had to record in Yanjing, she felt like she was going to die.

Why didnt she choose Yanjing University

It was so close!

Shi Xi continued to look at the script for the werewolf game and asked, “Oh right, is it difficult to kill a werewolf”

Han Chuans eyes widened.

“You dont know how to play Werewolf”

Shi Xis eyes widened.

“Yeah, thats why Im asking you if its difficult.”

Han Chuan: “…Hurry up and learn!”

Before he accepted the job offer, he should have asked Shi Xi if he knew how to play Werewolf!

It was all his fault for being too confident, thinking that everyone in the game knew how to play Werewolf.

Shi Xi looked at the rules and said thoughtfully, “It doesnt look like its very difficult.”

Han Chuan said, “But I dont think youre very smart.”

After Shi Xi looked at the rules, she realized that she did not understand them at all.

But the car had already arrived at the recording point.

Shi Xi had no choice but to give up and drag the hairy crabs in first.

Hence, the sister who had been squatting at the entrance all day to take pictures of the trainees managed to capture Shi Xi dragging a basket of hairy crabs in.

The photo of Shi Xi dragging the hairy crabs to record was uploaded to the internet.

[This is hilarious.

I originally wanted to wait for Bai Cangyang to get off work, but I didnt expect Shi Xi to bring the hairy crabs to work.]

[Xi Xi Zi is so cute! Let me mua a little!]

[Hahahaha, why did you bring the hairy crab to work! Its too weird!!]

[That hairy crab looks so fat! My saliva is dripping!]

[Do you know what brand it is I really want to buy it!]

[I want to too, that hairy crab is really big! I really want to eat it!]

The sisters picture was zoomed in countless times, but the logo on it could not be seen clearly.

Many people had asked, and the topic of #beg for the same type of hairy crab# had actually become a trending topic.

The situation had become even stranger.

[Im dying of laughter.

Other celebrities: beg for the same type of clothes, shoes, and bags.

Shi Xi: beg for the same type of hairy crab.]

[So where did she buy it from Is there a link]

[Ive seen big hairy crabs before, but this basket is so big! It should be specially provided, right]

[Before clicking on the picture: how big can it be After clicking on it: its really big, I also want to ask for the same type.]


At the same time, the same type of hairy crabs that the netizens were asking for had already been cooked into spicy crabs.


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