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Shi Xi decided to leave this deadly Asura arena.

She took out her phone.

“Ill take a taxi.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Sheng Yan carried her and threw her into the back seat.

“What taxi” Sheng Yan frowned and sat in the back seat as well.

Xie Yunzhou narrowed his cold eyes when he saw Sheng Yans action.

In the next second, Xie Yunzhou walked to Sheng Yans car and opened the door on Shi Xis side.

“My car needs to be sent for maintenance.

President Sheng, can you give me a ride” Xie Yunzhou smiled politely, but he was already sitting in the back seat.

In this way, three people were sitting in the back seat.

When Sheng Yan saw Xie Yunzhou get into the car, he hinted, “The passenger seat is still empty.”

Xie Yunzhou smiled and said, “Yeah, the passenger seat is still empty.

Why doesnt President Sheng sit in the front”

Sheng Yan said, “I got in the car first.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “Youre closer to the passenger seat.”

Shi Xi sat between the two of them and raised her hand.

“How about this Ill sit in the passenger seat.”

Sheng Yan and Xie Yunzhou looked at each other.

Sheng Yan pressed down on Shi Xis shoulder.

“The back seat is very spacious.

Lets just sit like this.”

Xie Yunzhou did not say anything.

Shi Xi was already prepared to crawl from the middle of the back seat to the front seat, but was held down by Sheng Yan.


‘If you want to fight, then fight.

Dont put me in the middle!

‘I want to be under the car.

I dont want to be in the car!

Shi Xi wanted to say something to ease the awkward atmosphere.

Forget it.

It was better not to say anything.

Shi Xi simply shut up and counted in her heart when she would arrive at the hotel.

As long as she went back, she would be able to have a good rest.

The other two people did not bother to talk to each other at all.

They remained silent all the way.

Seeing that the hotel was right in front of them, Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

She could finally escape the oppressive atmosphere of these two people.

However, just as they entered the hotel, Shi Xi saw the young girl sitting on the sofa in the hall.

Her expression was cold and indifferent, her long hair was black and straight.

She raised her eyes slightly, but there were no ripples in her eyes.

‘Ning Yu!

‘Why is she here!

When Shi Xi saw Ning Yu, Ning Yu raised her eyes and looked at her, then slowly stood up.

Was she here to look for her

Had she done anything bad recently!

Shi Xi wanted to retreat and escape.

But behind her were Sheng Yan and Xie Yunzhou.

Shi Xi had no choice but to bite the bullet and step forward.

“Ning Yu… Sis”

Ning Yu stood up and dragged a basket of hairy crabs over.

“My parents asked me to bring this for you.”

Shi Xi looked at the basket of hairy crabs and a big question mark appeared in her mind.


Ning Yu explained, “My parents said that the last time they brought you hairy crabs, you gave them to others to eat and didnt eat much yourself.”

“This time, when I came to Yanjing, they asked me to bring you a basket alone.”

Shi Xi was silent for a moment and said, “Im allergic to seafood, so I cant eat hairy crabs.”

A big question mark appeared in Ning Yus mind.


Shi Xi said, “Thats why when they sent me the crabs the last time, I brought them directly to the cafeteria to give the trainees extra food.”

Ning Yu didnt understand.

“Why didnt you tell them directly that youre allergic to seafood”

“I wanted to tell them, but they sent me hairy crabs from thousands of miles away.

If I told them directly, wouldnt it make them sad” Shi Xi said helplessly, “I originally wanted to wait for some time before telling them that Im allergic to seafood.

I didnt expect them to send me the crabs so soon.”

Shi Xi didnt want to tell the Ning couple because she didnt want to let down their good intentions.

Besides, who would send hairy crabs across mountains and seas again and again!

Shi Xi didnt expect that the Ning couple would notice that she didnt eat hairy crabs and even specially send her a basket of them.

And it was sent by Ning Yu.


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