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Hua Xuanhe saw his silly younger brother, directly ignored him, and looked at Xie Yunzhou.

The first thing he paid attention to was his tie.

Didnt his silly younger brother say that this tie was unique

Why could such an ugly tie still be bumped into

Moreover, the tie Xie Yunzhou was wearing seemed to be made of real silk.

The texture and dark lines were better than his.

It was not scary to meet the same tie.

It would be awkward if the tie was pirated.

Hua Xuanhe calmed down and said with a smile, “I didnt expect to see Young Master Xie here.

Is this lady your girlfriend”

“No, thats my fiancée,” Sheng Yan said indifferently.

Everyone: “…”

Shi Xi coughed to break the awkwardness.

“Hello, my name is Shi Xi.”

Hua Xuanhe saw Shi Xis pink hair and instantly thought of it.

Hua Hengzhe had been calling out that the person who looked like his auntie was her.

At a closer look, it was indeed somewhat similar.

“Hello, my name is Hua Xuanhe.” Hua Xuanhe smiled warmly.

Xie Yunzhou naturally saw Hua Xuanhes tie, but he also noticed the difference in the tie.

It was obvious that he was wearing something more advanced.

“If theres nothing else, well be leaving first.” Xie Yunzhous tone was indifferent, and his expression was even colder.

One was Shi Xis fiancé, and the other was a man who wanted to strike up a conversation with Shi Xi.

What kind of expression could he have

“Wait a moment.” Hua Xuanhe looked at Shi Xi and said, “Theres a banquet next week, and there will be many directors and producers from the entertainment industry attending.

I wonder if Miss Shi will be able to attend”

Shi Xi replied, “Well be recording soon.

I dont know if I have time next week.

Ill go back and ask my manager.

If theres time, Ill definitely be there.”

Hua Xuanhe couldnt help but laugh.


After adding WeChat, Shi Xi left with Xie Yunzhou.

Sheng Yan watched the two leave.

After a moment of silence, he said to Hua Xuanhe, “Ill go back and rest first.

Well meet again next time.”

Hua Xuanhe nodded.

After sending the three away, Hua Xuanhe paid the bill and took back his useless little brother.

“Isnt it a unique tie Did you buy it especially for me” The corner of Hua Xuanhes eyes twitched.

“It was an accident.

It was just an accident!” Hua Hengzhe raised his hand and swore.

He said sadly, “I can only say that that persons aesthetic judgment is similar to mine.”

Hua Xuanhe fell silent.

Xie Yunzhou and Hua Hengzhes aesthetic judgment was similar

Forget it.

He couldnt kill his own brother.

Then he thought about the relationship between Shi Xi, Xie Yunzhou, and Sheng Yan.

The noble circle was so complicated.


Shi Xi came out of Marriott Revolving Restaurant and faced the next difficult problem.

Whose car should she take back to the hotel

“I was the one who brought Shi Xi out.

Naturally, I am the one who sends her back.” Xie Yunzhou stood in front of Shi Xi.

“That Xi Girl is my fiancée.

You dont have to worry about her, President Xie.” Sheng Yan lifted his chin slightly and pursed his lips slightly, looking at Shi Xi behind him.

Xie Yunzhou turned his head to look at Shi Xi.

“Whose car do you want to take back”

Their gazes were focused on Shi Xi.

Shi Xi:I choose to take a taxi.

“Well, its not far.

Ill walk back.” Shi Xi smiled sheepishly.

“Just treat it as a walk.”

Sheng Yan: “Ill accompany you.”

Xie Yunzhou disagreed and looked at Shi Xi.

“The hotel is surrounded by paparazzi.

Arent you afraid of being photographed”

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed.

If the paparazzi caught her shopping with a man, she would be criticized by the netizens.

So, it was better to take a taxi.

Sheng Yan opened the car door and said in a domineering voice, “Xi Girl, come here.”


Xie Yunzhou smiled.

“Shi Xi, whose car do you want to take”



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