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When the firework stick went out, the girl opened her eyes.

Her long and narrow eyelashes were slightly raised, and her eyes were bright.

“Alright, I made a wish.” Shi Xi took the firework stick away and said, “Lets cut the cake.”

Xie Yunzhou asked casually, “What wish did you make”

Shi Xi blinked and said, “This is a secret.

If I say it out loud, it wont be effective.”

Xie Yunzhou cut the cake and said calmly, “Tell me, and Ill help you realize it.”

Shi Xi: …Grass (a kind of plant).

Xie Yunzhou cut the first piece of cake and placed it in front of Shi Xi.

Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou and considered whether she should tell him her wish.

“Is it difficult to do it” Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xis conflicted expression and couldnt guess what wish she had made.

Shi Xi held the cake in her hand and said, “Its not really a wish.

Its a blessing for you.”

Xie Yunzhou: “Blessing”

Shi Xi: “Yes, I hope that Xie Yunzhou is healthy and happy every day.

He will always be able to achieve what he wants.” This way, he would not throw her into the river to feed the fish in a fit of anger.

Hearing Shi Xis earnest blessing, Xie Yunzhou felt a warmth in his heart.

The elite education that he had received since young required him to always be first and to always do it perfectly.

Even if his fever reached 39 degrees, he had to complete his studies that day.

He had to always remain calm and not show his emotions.

But no one had ever told him that they hoped that he would be healthy and happy every day.

As for getting what he wanted…

A hint of a smile appeared in Xie Yunzhous eyes.

He would definitely be able to get what he wanted.

Shi Xi was eating the cake when she saw that Xie Yunzhou had only cut a piece for her, but he did not eat it himself.

She asked, “Why arent you eating the cake”

Xie Yunzhou said, “I dont like sweet things.”

Shi Xi cut a small piece for him and said, “Then you still have to eat a piece.”

Xie Yunzhou took a bite.

It was indeed very sweet.

It was so sweet that it reached his heart.

While the two of them were eating the cake, the other table had already ended.

Hua Hengzhe was calculating the price of this table in his mind —

There was no need to calculate at all!

When that scoundrel friend of his ordered the 82 Lafite, he knew that 10,000 yuan was definitely not enough!

He said that he had money, but this group of people was really not polite!

Hua Hengzhe took his phone and sent a message to Hua Xuanhe, but the other party did not reply.

He could only pretend to go to the bathroom and call for help.

His scoundrel friend pulled him back.

“Youre not going to run, are you”

Hua Hengzhe flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“What kind of person do you think I am”

His scoundrel friend said matter-of-factly, “Someone who pays the bills!”

Hua Hengzhe: “…Dont worry, I wont run.”

He first went to ask if he could put it on Hua Xuanhes and his account.

After getting a negative answer, Hua Hengzhe went to the bathroom to call for help.

“Brother, come and save me.

I dont have enough money to eat, so Im going to be left here to wash dishes!”

Hua Xuanhe was having dinner with Sheng Yan when he heard his useless brothers voice.

“I just happen to give you a chance to exercise.”

Hua Hengzhe: “Please, Brother, Im treating my college roommates to dinner today.

I cant lose face in front of them! Besides, I cant let them help me wash dishes!”

“Where did you eat Im going to pay the bill.” Hua Xuanhe suspected that his brother was trying to scam money.


“I happen to be nearby.

Ill pick you up in ten minutes.” After Hua Xuanhe said that, he directly hung up the phone.

Having a useless brother was more tiring than raising a son.

Sheng Yan asked thoughtfully, “Do you have something to do”

“Some family matters,” Hua Xuanhe said helplessly.

Hua Hengzhe dawdled in the bathroom for a few minutes.

When he came out, he saw his friends eating cake.

“You ordered cake again” Hua Hengzhe asked.

“It was Shi Xi who invited us to eat it,” Hu Peng explained.

“She said that it was a waste not to eat all the birthday cake, so she invited us to eat it together.

Hurry up and eat it.

She specially saved the biggest piece for you!”

Thus, when Sheng Yan and Hua Xuanhe arrived at Marriott restaurant, they saw Hua Hengzhe eating Xie Yunzhous birthday cake.

Xie Yunzhou and Shi Xi had finished their meal and were about to leave.

They bumped into each other.

When Hua Xuanhe and Sheng Yan saw him, they were slightly startled.

“Young Master Xie”

Sheng Yan looked at Shi Xi and his gaze paused.

As for Hua Hengzhe, he was still eating Xie Yunzhous birthday cake.

“Oh Brother, youre here.”


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