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Xie Yunzhou then recalled that Shi Xi had recently participated in a recorded program, and there were more than a hundred bright and energetic young people in it.

“Has the date of your engagement party with Sheng Yan been fixed” Xie Yunzhou asked indirectly.

The fact that the timing had not been found by him recently meant that the matter had not been settled yet.

“Not yet.

They said that they were going to postpone it, but Sheng Yan did not agree.” Thinking of this, Shi Xi sighed and said, “But Sheng Yan has also come to Yanjing.

Ill talk to him tomorrow.”

“You want to talk to him” Xie Yunzhou felt a little uneasy in his heart.

However, when he thought that he was trying to poach someone else, Xie Yunzhou gave up again.

How could he have the right to be jealous

Perhaps in Shi Xis heart, she did not treat him as a man of the same generation at all.

Xie Yunzhou drank half a glass of wine and felt even more bitter.

Life was so hard.

“This wine is not as good as beer!”

“I also think that the 82 Lafite is just so-so!”

“This steak is really delicious, but its too expensive.”

“Being expensive is not its weakness, its your weakness.”

Xie Yunzhou had a lot on his mind.

Meanwhile, the male college students on the other side were full of energy and were commenting on the five-star restaurant.

The joys and sorrows of humans were different.

Xie Yunzhou only felt that they were noisy.

After finishing the main meal, the waiter served the birthday cake.

The lights were dim.

The male college students also quieted down.

They looked in the direction of the birthday cake and whispered.

“That girl is Shi Xi, right”

“It should be her.

Her pink hair is too eye-catching.”

“Is it Shi Xis birthday” a person asked in confusion.

“No, I just checked.

Shi Xis birthday is long past.” Another person put away his phone and said, “It should be that mans birthday.

Is that her boyfriend”

Hua Hengzhe interrupted, “You guys dont chase after celebrities.

What are you gossiping about”

The few of them shut up.

Hua Hengzhe said again, “Youre not allowed to take photos, and youre also not allowed to spread what you saw today.”

The scoundrels zipped up their mouths.


The cake was not lit with candles, but with a heart-shaped steel wool firework stick.

After it was lit, it emitted dazzling sparks.

Shi Xi urged, “Hurry up and make a wish!”

Xie Yunzhou said in disdain, “I dont have a wish.”

Making a wish was so childish.

He was not eighteen years old.

Thinking of the age difference between him and Shi Xi, Xie Yunzhou fell silent again.

“Dont you have anything that you cant get” Shi Xi raised her eyes and stared at Xie Yunzhou with her bright black eyes.

Xie Yunzhou looked at the girl behind the cold lighted fireworks.

The sparkling sparks reflected in the girls eyes were like the galaxy in the universe, shining brightly.

“I will fight for what I want.” Xie Yunzhous voice was calm and indifferent.

“Asking the gods and asking Buddha is just self-deception.”

Shi Xi mumbled softly, “Then why are you wearing sandalwood beads”

Xie Yunzhou looked at his wrist.

He liked to wear sandalwood beads on his bracelet.

People often misunderstood him as a Buddhist.

Under the dim lights, the male college students quieted down.

A few musicians saw the birthday cake appear and automatically played the light version of the Happy Birthday song.

“Then Ill make a wish for you!” Shi Xi smiled faintly.

She crossed her fingers, closed her eyes, and began to make a wish earnestly.

Xie Yunzhou saw the girls earnest and devout appearance and only thought that she was cute.

She could even make a wish for others

After the spark, the girl closed her eyes.

Her long eyelashes drooped like a small fan, casting a shadow in front of her eyes, delicate and pretty.

Under the bridge of her nose, her cherry lips were rosy, making people want to kiss her.


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