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If she knew him, then she knew him.

If she didnt know him, then she didnt know him.

Why did she nod and shake her head

Shi Xi said, “When I went to buy a present, I happened to meet him.

He and I had taken a liking to the same ties.”

“However, these types of ties are all hand-made.

Theres only one of each type, so he gave it to me.”

Xie Yunzhou thought about how someone could actually snatch such an ugly tie.

He really hoped that Shi Xi did not snatch from someone else.


The person who came in domineeringly was naturally Hua Hengzhe.

He had just extorted a sum of money from his big brother, so he could not wait to bring his friends out to eat something good.

But he did not expect that he would be stopped outside as soon as he arrived at Marriott.

Hua Hengzhe, who cared about his face, wouldnt accept such a grievance.

He immediately became agitated.

Ever since he was cheated of 8 million yuan in online dating, Hua Hengzhe had been restricted.

Now that he finally had money, he could go out and have fun, but he was still stopped outside the door

“I want to see who in Yanjing dares to not give me face!”

Hua Hengzhe pushed the security guard away domineeringly and walked into the restaurant with his head held high.

His friends around him were all laughing and joking.

The security guard could not stop them and could only watch them enter.

The moment Hua Hengzhe entered the door, he saw the empty restaurant.

He saw Shi Xis long pink hair.

It had to be said that Shi Xis hair color was too eye-catching.

“Eh Its you” The girl was slightly surprised when she saw Hua Hengzhe.

Then, Hua Hengzhe saw Shi Xi talking to the man opposite her.

The man looked familiar, as if he had seen him before.

At this moment, the security guard brought his men forward and stopped them.

“Everyone, the restaurant has been booked for today.

Please come again next time.”

Hua Hengzhe was in a dilemma.

Who was that man again

Could he afford to offend him

As he was thinking, the waiter came over.


Xie said that we can let you eat in the restaurant as long as you dont disturb them.”

Hua Hengzhe really wanted to leave with his backbone.

However, his scoundrel friend pulled him back.

“Hurry up and sit down and order.

Im starving.”

Hua Hengzhe instantly lost his backbone and started to order.

He was also hungry.


Although there was this incident with Hua Hengzhe, Xie Yunzhou did not take it to heart at all.

He just let the waiter send them to the other side of the restaurant and continued to eat.

But what Xie Yunzhou did not expect was that Hua Hengzhe brought four friends to enjoy the excitement of the wedding banquet.

“D*mn! This is so expensive! Hua Hengzhe, can you afford it”

“Lets go somewhere else.

Didnt your brother restrict your spending How good would it be if we went to drink beer and eat crayfish”

When the friends saw the price on the menu, their eyes widened.

Hua Hengzhe waved his hand.

“Dont worry, dont worry.

I have plenty of money.”

“Then order it.

Do you have a 82 Lafite I heard its very famous.”

“Order two steaks for me.

One isnt enough.”

“This foie gras truffle looks so little.

Why is it so expensive”

“The liver is an organ for detoxification.

Dont order this.”


The noisy voices made the musicians in the middle of the restaurant stop.


It doesnt exist.

Xie Yunzhou regretted letting these people in.

He shouldnt have let them in just because that person gave Shi Xi a present.

Shi Xi was drinking her ice cola.

When she saw that Xie Yunzhous expression was not worried, she asked with a faint smile, “Do you think theyre too noisy”

Xie Yunzhou: “Isnt that so”

Shi Xi nodded and agreed, “A little.However, boys at this age seem to be very energetic.”

Xie Yunzhous heart tightened.

How could he have forgotten that Shi Xi had just come of age and was at the prime of her youth

Could it be that Shi Xi liked such extroverted boys of the same age


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