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The female secretary: “”

Hua Xuanhe pressed the space between his eyebrows.

“You can go out first.”

At least she had a brain.

She had poured iced coffee.

The previous female secretary had poured hot coffee.

He was not a dead pig, so of course he was afraid of being scalded.

The female secretary whimpered and said meekly, “Dont fire me.

Ill definitely wash your clothes.

Or, I can even compensate you!”

Hua Xuanhes head hurt listening to her.

“…You can go out first.”

The female secretary turned around and left.

Just as she left, Hua Xuanhe called the personnel department.

“Change the position of the new secretary.”

He could not afford to be treated like a novels domineering CEO.

Fortunately, there was a change of clothes in the lounge.

Hua Xuanhe changed his clothes and was about to put on a tie when he remembered that he was about to get off work, so he put down his tie.

‘Forget it, Ill get off work early.

Before he got off work, Hua Xuanhe saw the gifts on the table.


What would his good-for-nothing younger brother give him

Hua Xuanhe opened the box, and his smile froze.

Why would someone give him a pink tie

It was even from his younger brother!

Hua Xuanhe silently opened the other two boxes.

The color was okay.

It was the color that young men liked.

But this texture…

Forget it.

It was a heartfelt gesture.

His phone rang.

It was Sheng Yan.

Sheng Yan said, “Im in Yanjing.

Are you free tonight Do you want to go out for dinner”

Hua Xuanhe looked at the time.


After setting the time and place, Hua Xuanhe put on a tie.


Marriott Revolving Restaurant.

Shi Xi followed Xie Yunzhou to the restaurant and found that the entire restaurant was empty.

“No one is coming.

Will it taste bad” Shi Xi asked softly.

Xie Yunzhou: “…I booked the entire place.”

Shi Xi blinked and changed the topic.

“Why arent the others here yet”

Xie Yunzhou: “Theres no one else.

Youre the only one here.”

“Ah” Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou in front of her and sighed in her heart.

The relationship between the big shot villains was too bad.

No one came to celebrate his birthday.

It was too tragic.


Xie Yunzhou could not see through Shi Xis thoughts.

He brought her to a seat by the window and said, “Sit.”

After the two sat down, music started playing in the middle of the restaurant.

Shi Xi looked toward the source of the music.

Under the warm orange light, four musicians were playing the Lark Quartet.

Two violins, a viola, and a cello complemented each other, and the sound of the violins was rhythmic and cheerful.

The waiter approached and brought over red wine and wine glasses.




Xie Yunzhou thought that it was really a perfect date.

But someone just had to break the atmosphere.

Shi Xi said, “Im sorry, I cant drink wine.

Change it to coke for me.”


Xie Yunzhou was silent for a moment before saying, “Change it to coke for her.”

Shi Xi smiled faintly and said, “Itd better be cold.

Thank you.”

Xie Yunzhous wish of tasting wine with a girl fell through.

It didnt matter.

Their date was still there.

Just as Xie Yunzhou was about to speak, he heard a voice from outside.

“Booking the entire place Whats with booking the entire place Id like to see who in Yanjing dares not to give me face.”

A domineering voice came from the door.

The person pushed the security guard aside and strode in.

Xie Yunzhou looked over coldly.

Who didnt have eyes and actually came to disturb his date!

Shi Xi looked over as well.

Who was so brave to offend a big shot villain

Throw him into the river to feed the fish!!

“Eh Its you” When Shi Xi saw who it was, she was slightly surprised.

Xie Yunzhou frowned.

“You know him”

Shi Xi nodded and then shook her head.



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