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Three ties for 100 yuan, and he could choose his own style.

Hua Hengzhe quickly picked the pink one, then the wine red and dark green tie.

After paying the bill, Hua Hengzhe brought the gifts to the Hua Corporation headquarters.

In the office.

Hua Xuan looked at his useless brother and felt a little helpless.

“Whats the matter”

“Brother, I bought you a gift to thank you for taking care of me!” Hua Hengzhe put the ties on the desk as if he was presenting a treasure.

Hua Xuanhe: “…How much do you want”

“Why do brothers talk about money” Hua Hengzhe looked like he looked down on money.

“Then go out.

I have something to do.” Hua Xuanhe looked down at the document in his hand.

Hua Hengzhe: “!”

“Ahem, Brother, look at this tie.

I specially picked it for you.

Its handmade and unique!” Hua Hengzhe began to trick his brother.

Hua Xuanhe pressed the space between his eyebrows and took out his phone to transfer the money to him.

He said, “I transferred 10,000 yuan to you.

Dont bother me again this month.”

When Hua Hengzhe saw that his pocket money had been transferred, his smile widened.

“Ill leave now.

I wont bother you anymore.”


After Shi Xi bought the present for Xie Yunzhou, she saw that it was still early, so she wanted to continue shopping.

She hadnt visited any of the shopping malls here since she came to Yanjing.

As she was shopping, her cell phone rang.

When Shi Xi saw the caller, she answered in surprise.

“Sheng Yan”

Sheng Yan asked, “Where are you now”

“Im in Yanjing.” Shi Xi was confused.

Sheng Yan almost didnt contact her.

Why did he suddenly call her

Besides, Sheng Yan should know that she would be recording in Yanjing soon.

“Im here on a business trip.” Sheng Yan looked at his watch and said, “Are you free tonight Do you want to have dinner together”

Shi Xi: “…No.”

Sheng Yan asked casually, “Are you recording”

“No, its Xie Yunzhous birthday party tonight,” Shi Xi said.

Sheng Yan: “”

Xie Yunzhous birthday… party

Would that person hold a birthday party

In Yanjing


Im free tomorrow.” Shi Xi remembered that there was no recording tomorrow, so she said, “Ill treat you to dinner.”

She had lived here for quite some time, so she knew where to eat.

Sheng Yan said, “Im going to meet the partners tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow night at 7 oclock, Ill wait for you at Marriott Restaurant to discuss the engagement.”

Shi Xi said, “Okay.”

The two of them really had to discuss this matter properly.

After hanging up the phone, Shi Xi thought,Why do they all like to go to Marriott Restaurant

Was the food there so delicious

Shi Xi continued shopping.

Thinking of the necklace that the trainees had given her, she went to the jewelry store and bought some accessories for the trainees.

After observing them for a while, Shi Xi found that the little boys all liked to wear some accessories such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and they could not be repeated.

Shi Xi only found out after asking that there would be a stand-up girl taking photos of them on their way to and from work, so they had to dress up meticulously every day.

It had been hard on them.

After buying a lot of things, Shi Xi prepared to take these things back to the hotel first, and then go to Marriott Restaurant.

However, when she entered the hotel, she met Sheng Yan, who had checked in.

“Youre staying here too” Shi Xi didnt expect to see Sheng Yan so soon.

“Why did you buy so many things” Sheng Yan glanced at Shi Xi and stretched out his hand.

“Which floor are you staying on Ill take them up for you.”

“These are gifts for others,” Shi Xi said.

Sheng Yan curled his lips.

“Oh You bought so many gifts for Xie Yunzhou”


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