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“I saw it first.” Shi Xi frowned.

“So its yours if you see it” Hua Hengzhe didnt let go and raised his chin slightly.

“I even got it first!”

The shop assistant couldnt help but be surprised when he saw that two people were fighting over this pink tie.

Their small shop actually had two characters at the same time.

Shi Xi looked at the shop assistant and asked, “Do you only have one of these”

The shop assistant came back to his senses.

“Ah, yes, our neckties are all handmade.

We only have one of each style.”

They couldnt sell even one of them!

Hearing that this was unique, the two of them became even more reluctant to let go.

“Im going to give a gift to someone.

Can you give this to me” Shi Xi changed her strategy and began to discuss with the other party.

Hua Hengzhe was not an unreasonable person.

When he saw the girl in front of him speak in a friendly manner, he softened his attitude.

“Ah, then, I… I also want to give it to someone!”

Shi Xi was silent.

What else could he say

Hua Hengzhe sized up the girl and asked, “Are you Shi Xi”

Shi Xis pink hair was too eye-catching.

When she came out, she wore a hat.

Hua Hengzhe didnt recognize her at first glance, but after taking a closer look, he said, “It really is Shi Xi!”

“Yeah, so can you give me this tie” Shi Xis eyes curved.

If he was a fan, then he would be easier to talk to.

Hua Hengzhe hesitated.

He had been cheated of 8 million yuan in online dating, and his whole family was shocked.

His parents had cut off his pocket money with tears in their eyes, and Hua Xuanhe had left him to die.

Hua Hengzhe thought of buying a gift to bribe Hua Xuanhe and at least give him some money to fall in love online.

No, let him continue playing games.

But after looking around, there was nothing he could afford.

The price of the tie was not that high, so Hua Hengzhe thought of buying a tie for Hua Xuanhe.

Two was not much.

Three was even better.

But just as he took a fancy to this pink tie, it was snatched away by Shi Xi.

What should he do

One was Shi Xi, who resembled his aunt and whom he had a good impression of.

The other was Hua Xuanhe, who controlled his own financial lifeline.

Of course, he would choose the money!

Just as Hua Hengzhe was about to argue, he saw the price on the shelf: 2998

It was actually so expensive!

“Of course I can give it to you!” Hua Hengzhe let go and laughed.

Shi Xis eyes lit up.

“Thank you!”

Hua Hengzhe pretended to continue looking at the neckties, but in reality, he was secretly sizing up the prices of these neckties.

Why were they so expensive!

He couldnt afford them!

Shi Xi put away the pink necktie and picked out a dark green necktie and a wine red necktie.

Of the three neckties, one of them should be enough to make Xie Yunzhou like it, right


Hua Hengzhe watched from the side as Shi Xi paid the bill.

He was a little envious.

The three ties she picked out were all the ones he liked!


After Shi Xi paid the bill, she saw that Hua Hengzhe was still staring at the tie on the shelf.

She couldnt bear it.

She had snatched away his beloved tie, and it was a unique tie.

“Well, thank you for letting me have the tie.” Shi Xi walked up to him and said, “Let me treat you to coffee”

Hua Hengzhe chuckled.

“No need, no need.

Ill go to another shop to take a look.”

He could not afford the ties in this shop.

He quickly ran away.

Hua Hengzhe continued to stroll around the mall and finally walked out.

He could not afford anything in the mall.

When he passed by an inconspicuous shop, Hua Hengzhe stopped in his tracks.

[Tie sale, 100 yuan 3 pieces!]


Hua Hengzhes eyes lit up.


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