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Shi Xi thought about it and realized that there were indeed no arrangements this morning.

However, the practice room was always open and the trainees could use it as they pleased.

No wonder the practice room felt so empty on the way here.

So they were all resting!

“Sister Xi, happy birthday.” Li Jinfan took out a small gift box and said, “This is our birthday present to you.”

Shi Xi did not accept it and asked, “Can you go out and buy things”

Bai Cangyang coughed.

“We asked the dormitory management to help us buy it.”

Shi Xi looked at the sign on it and roughly guessed the value of the gift.

“Thank you, Ive let you guys spend so much.” Shi Xi accepted the gift and thought about what to buy next time as a return gift.

“Sister Xi, put it on and see if you like it.” Li Jinfans eyes lit up.

“This is the style I chose.”

Bai Cangyang: “Li Jinfan, let me make it clear.

Everyone pooled their money to buy this, not you alone!”

Li Jinfan smiled.

If it werent for them messing things up, he would rather buy it himself.

Shi Xi opened the gift box and inside was a golden necklace.

The pendant was in the shape of a golden sword.

Red and white diamonds were inlaid on the hilt and tip of the sword.

It was exquisite and beautiful.

Shi Xi took out the necklace and prepared to put it on.

“Let me help you.” Li Jinfan volunteered.

The corner of Bai Cangyangs eyes twitched as he stopped Li Jinfan.

Shi Xi smiled and said, “I can put it on myself.”

Men and women could not be intimate, let alone that this was a variety show for a male team.

Shi Xi was wearing a V-neck shirt today.

The exquisite pendant hanging on it made the girls collarbone look even more beautiful.

In the afternoon, Shi Xi ordered a big meal and treated everyone to a good meal.

The trainees had a recording in the afternoon and were going to choose the second rounds song.

This recording only needed Shen Hanquan to host.

Shi Xi did not need to be present and could directly leave work.

After leaving the recording point, Shi Xi went to the mall in Yanjing, thinking about what to buy for Xie Yunzhou.

A watch

To be able to wear that top-grade watch, he definitely wouldnt like an ordinary watch.

The main thing was, if it was an expensive watch, Shi Xi couldnt afford it.

Shi Xi walked past the watch shop.


She had given it to him.

No, giving him clothes seemed a little strange.

Shi Xi looked at the clothes in the mens clothing shop, and remembered that Xie Yunzhous clothes were all custom-made.


Shi Xi thought about Xie Yunzhous tie.

It seemed that there were only a few styles.

‘Why dont I pick out a tie for him

He didnt seem to have many ties.

Three would be even better.

Shi Xi saw that were selling ties in the mens clothing store, so she went forward to pick one out.

But after seeing the colorful ties, Shi Xi fell silent again.

She knew nothing about the ties that men wore!

Fortunately, the shop assistant went forward and warmly greeted, “Miss, are you looking for a tie Is it for your boyfriend or an elder”

Shi Xi replied, “An elder.”

The shop assistant said, “Older men are more suitable for darker colors, such as gray and dark blue.”

Shi Xi looked at the style recommended by the shop assistant and shook her head.

Xie Yunzhous neckties were usually black, gray, and dark blue, with different dark patterns.

She wanted to send something special.

Shi Xi said, “I want to see that pink one.”

The corner of the shop assistants mouth twitched as she tried to persuade her.

“A middle-aged man wearing a tie like this doesnt look stable.”

Shi Xi imagined Xie Yunzhou wearing a pink tie.

It looked quite cool!

Shi Xi ignored the shop assistants advice and reached out for the pink tie.

Shop Assistant: QAQ

Just as Shi Xi received the pink tie, another person grabbed the pink tie as well.


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