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“By the way, happy birthday.” Shi Xi remembered that today was Xie Yunzhous birthday, so she gave her best wishes.

Xie Yunzhou smiled and said, “Thank you.

Dont you have a present”

Shi Xi: “…Ill give you a present tonight!”

She hadnt bought it yet.

Xie Yunzhou knew that she had been very busy recently, so he said, “See you tonight.”

He was really looking forward to his date with Xi Xi tonight.

What birthday party It was all fake.

His birthday wasnt fake, but he had already booked the revolving restaurant on the top floor of Marriott.

It was just the two of them.

If this wasnt a date, what was it

Xie Yunzhou was in a very good mood.

Even his work efficiency had increased by quite a bit.

Meanwhile, when Shi Xi arrived at the practice room, she was drenched in fireworks.

“Teacher Shi Xi, happy birthday!”

Shi Xi: “!”

After the fireworks fell, Li Jinfan held a cake with candles on it.

“Sister Xi, hurry up and make a wish!”

Shi Xi didnt say the words “Today isnt my birthday” in the end.

She closed her eyes, clasped her hands together, and made her wish.

The birthday song rang in her ears.

After the birthday song was over, Shi Xi opened her eyes and blew out the candles.

“Why did you guys remember to celebrate my birthday” Shi Xi asked.

“Li Jinfan heard you and the director say that you were celebrating your birthday tonight, so we prepared this surprise,” Bai Cangyang said with a smile.

Shi Xi thought of the conversation between her and the director.

How many words did Li Jinfan miss!

Shi Xis gaze swept across the room.

In the practice room were the two groups she had led, as well as Li Jinfan and Bai Cangyang.

Bai Cangyang raised his hand and confessed, “I live in the same dormitory as Li Jinfan.

I know what he does, so I followed him here.”

Shi Xi looked at Pei Jie again.

If she remembered correctly, Pei Jie should have known that it was not her birthday.

Why didnt he warn Li Jinfan

Pei Jie avoided Shi Xis gaze and looked elsewhere.

Shi Xi thought to herself,Forget it.

Ill just treat it as one more birthday.

“Thank you!” Shi Xis eyes curved.

“Cut the cake and eat it!”

The cake they bought wasnt big, and everyone only got a small piece.

However, everyone ate happily.

“Dont you guys need to practice” Shi Xi asked.

“Well be recording the first ranking in a few days.” Li Jinfan sat beside Shi Xi and explained, “So everyone relaxed a little.”

Shi Xi understood.

Once the ranking was ranked, nearly half of the people would be eliminated.

“Dont worry, you guys will definitely make it to the second round!” Shi Xi looked at everyone and said with certainty, “All of you are very outstanding.”

Li Jinfan smiled innocently.

“Sister Xi, what songs does the second round have Can you give us some information”

Shi Xi: “I dont know what songs they have either.”

“Then, will Sister Xi still lead the team” Li Jinfan looked eagerly at Shi Xi.

“I want to be on the same team as Sister Xi.”

“No matter which team it is, I will take it seriously.” Shi Xi ate her cake and said, “Dont slack off!”

However, Li Jinfan said, “I think Sister Xi treats her team very well.

Sister Xi even taught Pei Jie the sword dance.

We have never seen Sister Xis sword dance before.”

Pei Jie glanced at Li Jinfan and lowered his head to eat the cake.

“Do you want to see it” Shi Xi asked.

“Yes!” Li Jinfan immediately nodded, his eyes darting around.

Shi Xi smiled slyly.

“Then you can think about it.”

Li Jinfan: “…Sister Xi has been learning too much.”

“Ive always been like this.” Shi Xi finished eating the cake and said, “Alright, practice what you need to practice.”

Shan Zihang collapsed on the ground and didnt want to get up.

“The second rounds songs arent out yet.

What should we practice”


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