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“My fault, my fault.” Shen Hanquan raised his hand in surrender and changed the topic to the trainees.

He smiled and asked, “Then lets interview them.

What kind of girls do the trainees like”

Shan Zihang: “…”

Shen Hanquan laughed heartily.

“Im just joking.

Tell me, did you encounter any bottlenecks in your creation”

When the instructors and trainees interacted with each other, the votes had already been counted.

The next team was the Original Dance Team.

Pei Jie and another trainees choreography was unconventional and bold.

Based on KPOP, it was neat and uniform.

In the middle, they even choreographed a sword dance for Pei Jie.

The man was full of ambition.

With a single sword, he frosted fourteen prefectures.

The audience below the stage watched in awe.

It was only when they were dancing together that the audience came back to their senses.

They clapped and cheered.

The two teams led by Shi Xi had almost no popular contestants.

However, the performances of the two teams were extremely eye-catching.

Whether it was Shan Zihangs original lyrics, high-pitched showmanship, or Pei Jies solo sword dance, they were all worth recalling.

However, the two teams just had to clash.

It was really hard to choose between the two!

“Everyone, please vote for the trainee you like!” Shen Hanquan controlled the voting and asked Shi Xi, “I remember that the sword dance in the middle was recommended by Teacher Shi Xi.”

Shi Xi nodded.

“The arrangement of the music in the middle is very impressive.

I feel that if it was performed with KPOP, there wouldnt be any highlights, so I suggested that Pei Jie learn this sword dance.”

Shen Hanquan sized up Shi Xi and said, “Teacher Shi Xi is quite knowledgeable about dance styles!”

Shi Xi said, “Teacher Shen and Teacher Shuo Nan are more knowledgeable.”

“Does Shuo Nan like their performance” Shen Hanquan looked at Shuo Nan again.

Shuo Nan picked up the microphone and affirmed their choreography and hard work, praising them from top to bottom.

Shi Xi listened from the side, wondering if Shuo Nan had changed his core.

Why was he so merciful all of a sudden

After the teachers comments, it was time to announce the winning team.

“The winning team is–”

The big screen flashed and was about to give out the votes for the two teams.

[Countdown to advertisement: 120s]

[Take a break, well be back soon!]

The bullet comments were filled with anger.

[You planted an advertisement when you saw the most exciting moment]

[No way! At least announced the votes first!]

[The program team has done well.

They finally have an advertisement.]

[Now that I mention it, the program team seems to have really invested in it.]

[When we watched it, it was thrilling.

We were afraid that the Original Team would not perform well and everyone would scold Shi Xi.

Now, we can finally heave a sigh of relief.]

[The Original Dance Teams performance was too eye-catching! When we finish watching the live broadcast, we must brush up on their stage again!]

[Li Jinfans team sang very well as well.

Lets release the recording quickly!]

[Why hasnt Bai Cangyang come out yet Sob, sob, sob.

Dont tell me hes really going to be last on stage]

[Pei Jies sword dance is so cool.

We got this handsome guy! Is anyone happy]

[Are you talking about the taciturn and stoic dancing handsome guy, Pei Jie]


In just two minutes, the netizens were chatting happily in the comments section.

They were answering all sorts of questions and answering their own questions.

They were guessing which team would win.

The long two minutes finally passed.

“Welcome back.

This is the live broadcast of the first public performance of [Star Idol].” Shen Hanquan looked at the camera and continued to act as the host.

Bullet comments: [I know, I know.

Hurry up and announce the results!]

[Men should talk less and do more.

Shen Hanquan, did you hear that]



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