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The live broadcast had just started, and #Shi Xis Opening Show# had already become a hot topic.

The girl in the video was beautiful and stunning.

Her every frown and smile made people unable to take their eyes off her.

[I was wrong.

Shi Xi deserves to be a teacher.]

[I originally thought that Shi Xi was just a pretty vase.

I didnt expect her to be so capable.]

[She looks like a pretty vase, but shes actually quite capable.]


The comments below the trending searches were almost uniformly filled with praise.

Passersby werent blind; they could tell the difference between good and bad.

In the past, Shi Xi didnt have a stage, and she hadnt stepped on it yet.

However, with such a perfect theme song and dance, Shi Xi had already proved that she was worthy of being a teacher for [Star Idol].

[Since Shi Xis singing and dancing are so good, why didnt she perform during the mentor show] Someone raised their doubts.

However, it didnt take long for someone to answer their doubts.

[The popularity mentor was Quan Gaoyi.

In the end, Quan Gaoyi met with an accident, and the investors ran away.

The program team found Shi Xi to save the situation, so they didnt have time to let her prepare for a mentor show.]

[I remember that Shi Xi was still on the set at that time, and she had just finished filming.]

Everyone went through the details and analyzed the situation logically.

However, their analysis was still wrong.

The program team had indeed looked for Shi Xi to save the day, but at that time, they had given Shi Xi the position of a vase popularity mentor.

It was only when Shi Xi was practicing the theme song of the trainees that the program team knew about Shi Xis singing and dancing abilities.

This time, they had specially asked Shi Xi to prepare for the opening.

Even so, there were still anti-fans who were stubborn.

[Even if Shi Xis abilities arent bad, she doesnt have any experience as a teacher.

The teams she leads will definitely lose to the other teams.]


On stage, Shen Hanquan and Shi Xi acted as hosts and read out the rules of the public performance:

“14 teams will have a positional PK.

The winning team will receive additional votes.”

A positional PK meant that only one group would be able to win in the dance, vocal, rap, singing, dancing, and originality.

The trainees who heard the rules were all stunned.

They thought it would be a two-on-two PK, but they did not expect it to be a three-on-three PK.

The winning rate was only 33.33%.

Shi Xi only brought two teams.

In comparison, the winning rate was 50%, which was higher than the others winning rate.

The first team to go on stage was the Dance Team led by Shuo Nan.

Shi Xi and Shen Hanquan sat in the instructors seat and enjoyed the performances of the trainees.


Longquan Village.

After sneaking into Longquan Village, the paparazzi wanted to interview the Ning couple.

It would be best if they could dig up some dirt on Shi Xi.

“Its so remote here!” The paparazzi got off the car and let out a sigh while smoking.

He threw the cigarette butt casually and prepared to get on the car.

In the next second, the cigarette butt was extinguished by the black-shirted bodyguards leather shoes.

The black-shirted bodyguard grabbed the paparazzi by the collar and threw him to the ground.

The paparazzi said angrily, “Who are you What are you doing!”

The black-shirted bodyguard wore a black suit and black sunglasses as he looked down at the paparazzi on the ground.

The paparazzi swallowed his saliva and said shakily, “Ki-ki-killing is illegal!”

The bodyguard in black snorted coldly and said, “Get out of Longquan Village.”

The paparazzi wanted to say something else, but his sharp eyes saw the holster on the waist of the bodyguard in black.

The paparazzi who had been in the circle had long developed the ability to see peoples expressions.

They knew who to provoke and who not to provoke.

This master in front of them was absolutely not to be provoked.

“Ill get out now, Ill get out now.” The paparazzi bowed and got into the car.

He immediately turned the car around and left Longquan Village.

The bodyguards in black returned to the darkness and continued to guard the peace of Longquan Village.


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