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Soon it was Saturday.

[Star Idol] played fair, and every performance was broadcast live.

And the first performance was on Saturday night.

Netizens prepared fried chicken, cola, melon seeds, and potato chips, sat in front of the screen, looking forward to the first performance stage.

Before the live broadcast began, the screen rolled to play the trainees first stage, and the theme music video.

At 7:30 am, the live broadcast started on time.

It was pitch black.

From the twinkling glow sticks on the stands, it could be seen that there were no empty seats.

The silent stage background lights slowly lit up.

The camera gradually moved closer and aimed at the center of the stage.

In an instant, all the lights were lit up.

Everyone clearly saw the girl in the center of the stage.

Her long pink hair was tied into a single ponytail, revealing her slender and fair swan neck.

Her palm-sized face was beaming with a smile.

Her black eyes were like a lake that had been smashed into pieces, sparkling and flickering endlessly.

The girls shapely eyebrows were curved, her bright eyes and white teeth.

The sequins attached to her eyelids reflected the lights of the stage.

They were bright and dazzling, soul-stirring.

This kind of beauty could be used as a screensaver.

A face that even black fan could not scold.

The theme song of [Star Idol] played.

The girl smiled faintly and started dancing along with the music.

The bullet screens were filled with screams:

[Ahhhhhh, Xi Xi is opening!!]

[The beauty is amazing! The beauty is unbeatable!!]

[Wife, wife! My wife Xi Xi is posting!]

[Whos glowing So its my wife Xi Xi!]

Xi Xis husbands shut off the bullet screen in anger and focused on licking the screen.

No, they were focused on watching Shi Xis opening show.

The male teams dance was wide open and full of strength, but Shi Xis movements were not weak and her singing was also very good.

“Breaking through the shackles of the galaxy, advancing without backing down!”

“My heart is burning with the flames of karma, burning with endless depravity!”

Shi Xi had gone to the dance studio to practice for so long, and she already knew when to exert strength when dancing and what to do to make the movements look better.

The girls voice was slightly sweet and soft.

After practicing, she was able to grasp the momentum of this song.

It was clearly sweet and beautiful, but she sang with the momentum of breaking through the restrictions.

“If its a star, then let it shine.

If Its a dream, then let it shine.”

“The more exaggerated the dream, the more the world will block it.”

The rhythm of her body stopped with the music, and the camera aimed at the girl.

Shi Xi smiled faintly and winked her eye.

The sweet wink caused waves of cheers from the fans at the venue.

“Shi Xi–”

“Shi Xi!!”

“Xi– Xi–”

Most of the fans who came to watch the public performance were the trainees fans.

But who didnt love sweet girls

After ending the action, Shi Xi took a breath and waved to the audience below the stage.

The audience below the stage: “Ahhhhh!! Shi Xi Xi!!”

Shen Hanquan held his handcard and walked up to the stage.

He smiled and said, “As expected of a popularity teacher.

Teacher Shi Xis popularity is really high!”

The audience: “Ahhh! Shen Hanquan! Super cool!”

Shi Xi: “Teacher Shens popularity is also very high.”

Shen Hanquan was a strong idol.

“Does everyone like Teacher Shi Xis opening show” Shen Hanquan asked.

The entire audience: “Yes! Yes!!”

The fans on the bullet screen also posted “Yes” and “Ah, Im dead!”

[Oh my god, I didnt expect Shi Xis singing to be so stable.

If she were to participate in the talent show, she would definitely make a C-list debut!]

[Ace, who would believe such a character setting]

[I finally know why the program team asked her to be their teacher.

Her strength is definitely worthy of this teacher position, let alone a popularity teacher.]


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